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9 facts:

Barmy Army
   are fans of   
England Cricket Team
Easily spotted by their lobster-pink flesh and beer bellies
Bleacher Bums
   are fans of   
Chicago Cubs
Hecklers waiting for a winner
Bleacher Creatures
   are fans of   
New York Yankees (MLB)
A group of season ticket holders who occupy Section 39 in the right field bleachers at Yankee Stadium. (Wikipedia)
   are fans of   
Green Bay Packers (NFL)
Easily spotted by the large chunk of cheese on their heads
   are fans of   
Australian Cricket Team
Easily spotted by their vomit-inducing yellow tops
   are fans of   
Arsenal Football Club
Probably derived from the club nickname of the Gunners.
Monkey Hangers
   are fans of   
Hartlepool Football Club
During the Napoleonic Wars, the citizens of Hartlepool hanged a monkey thinking it was a French spy. The club mascot is H'Angus the Monkey.
Tartan Army
   are fans of   
Scotland Football Team
Toon Army
   are fans of   
Newcastle United
Easily spotted as they are wearing only a T-shirt that looks like a barcode even when it is snowing

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guinness john

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