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Snow and Ice

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A Blizzard
A Long-lasting Snow Storm With High Winds
Winds of over 40 km/h and visibility of up to 1 km
Blowing Snow
Snow Particles Raised by the Wind
To moderate or great heights above the ground; the horizontal visibility at eye level is generally very poor.
A Cornice
An Overhanging Edge of Snow on a Ridge of a Mountain
Extremely dangerous
Corn Snow
Snow With Large, Corn Kernel Size Granules
Usually found in the Spring.
The Crust
A Hard Snow Surface Lying Upon a Softer Layer
May be formed by sun, rain or wind, and is described as breakable crust or unbreakable crust, depending upon whether it wil break under the weight of a turning skier.
Hexagonal Ice Crystals With Complex and Often Fernlike Branches
Névé Snow That Survives a Full Season
Firn becomes glacial ice
Frost Heave
A Freeze-thaw Action Allowing Mass Movement Down Slope
Precipitation Formed when Freezing Fog Condenses on a Snowflake
Known as snow pellets
Hard Pack
Firmly Packed Natural Snow
By repeated grooming or continuous wind exposure. Often snow that has never melted or re-crystallised.
Hoar Frost
White Ice Crystals Formed when Air is Moist and Surfaces Are Cold
Lake Effect Snow
Snow Produced when Cold Winds Move Across Warmer Lake Water
New over
An Accumulation of Snow over an Existing Surface
E.g. "New over packed powder" or "New over machine groomed".
Young, Granular Snow That Has Been Partially Melted, Refrozen and Compacted
Packing Snow
Snow at or Near the Melting Point
Good for making snowballs and snowmen
Tall Blades of Snow Found at High Altitudes
Perennial Snow
Snow That Persists on the Ground Year After Year
Ground That Stays at or Below Freezing for Two or More Years
Geological term
A Polycrystal
A Snowflake Composed of Many Individual Ice Crystals
New, Loose, Fluffy Dry Snow
Has not been compacted by skier traffic or grooming.
Rime Ice
A White Ice That Forms when Water Droplets in Fog Freeze to Surfaces
Similar to hoar frost
Seasonal Snow
Snow That Accumulates in One Season
Snow Which Partially Melts Upon Reaching the Ground
A Snowburst
A Short Period of Heavy Snowfall
First used to describe a New York storm that dropped 6 ft of snow in 24 hours (1958)
A Snow Flurry
Snow That Falls for Short Durations and Which Often Changes in Intensity
Flurries usually produce little accumulation.
A Snow Layer
A Layer of Ice Crystals With Similar Size and Shape
Watermelon Snow
Reddish/pink Colored Snow Caused by Algae
Actually smells like watermelons
Wet Snow (wet Pack)
Snow That Has Become Moist Due to Thaw or Rainfall
Snow with a high moisture content when it fell.

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