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20 facts:

Beaufort Scale
Strength of Wind
From 0 to 12. 12 is a hurricance
Celsius Scale
Water freezes at zero degrees Celsius, boils at 100.
Edinburgh Scale
Post Natal Depression
FACES Pain Scale
Pain Intensity in Children
Wong-Baker Faces Pain Rating Scale - a scale for measurement of pain intensity in children by self-report
Fahrenheit Scale
Water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, boils at 212.
Fitzpatrick Classification Scale
Skin's Sun Sensitivity
From I to VI, with I being skin that never tans and burns easily and VI being skin that never burns and tans easily.
Fujita-Pearson Scale
Tornado Intensity
International Whitewater Rating System
Intensity of Rivers for Rafting/kayaking
I to VI. I is easy, VI is unrunnable.
Kelvin Scale
Starts at absolute zero
Likert Scale
Agreement to a Given Statement
Typically a choice of 5 answers from "strongly agree" to "strongly disagree".
Mercalli Scale
Seismic Activity
An update of the Rossi-Forel Scale.
Mohs Scale
The Hardness of Minerals
PH Scale
Acidity and Alkalinity
PH Stands for power of hydrogen. All acids have hydrogen in them.
Richter Scale
Seismic Activity
Assigns a single number to quantify the amount of seismic energy released by an earthquake
Rossi-Forel Scale
Seismic Activity
Saffir-Simpson Scale
Hurricane Strength
That fact will blow you away
Scoville Scale
"hotness" of Peppers
More correctly, piquancy of a chili pepper.
Thurstone Scale
Given a list of statements, a respondent would indicate those to which he agreed.
Torino Scale
Impact Hazard of Near-earth Objects
Is a method for categorizing the impact hazard associated with near-Earth objects (NEOs) such as asteroids and comets
Zadoks Scale
Cereal Development
Describes the growth stages of a crop.

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