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Notable Gems

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44 facts:

The Allnatt Diamond
   is a   
101.29 Carat Diamond
Many experts believe that it was probably found in what is now known as the De Beers Premier Diamond Mine.
The Amsterdam Diamond
   is a   
33.74 Carat Diamond
Black Diamond.
The Archduke Joseph
   is a   
76.45 Carat Diamond
Internally flawless - named after Archduke Joseph August (1872-1962)
The Ashberg Diamond
   is a   
102.48 Carat Diamond
Formerly part of the Russian Crown Jewels.
The Black Orlov
   is a   
67.50 Carat Diamond
Black Diamond - named after Russian Princess Nadia Vyegin-Orlov
The Blue Heart
   is a   
30.82 Carat Diamond
Owned by Smithsonian Institute
The Centenary
   is a   
45.52 Carat Diamond
Cut down from 599 carats
The Chalk Emerald Ring
   is a   
37.82 Carat Emerald
Columbian Emerald. Owned by Smithsonian Institute
The Crimson Star of Siberia
   is a   
121 Carat Rubellite Tourmaline
Largest gem Rubellite in the world
The Crown of Cortez
   is a   
306 Carat Emerald
Owned by House of Louis XV
The Cullinan II
   is a   
317.40 Carat Diamond
Found in the Imperial State Crown of Great Britain
The Darya-i-Nur
   is a   
186 Carat Diamond
Most celebrated diamond in the Iranian Crown Jewels. Name means "Sea of Light"
The Delong Star
   is a   
100.32 Carat Ruby
Natural History Museum of New York. Stolen and ransomed in l964
The DeYoung Red
   is a   
599 Carat Diamond
Red Diamond. Once mistaken at a sale for a red garnet. Found in South Africa 1927, present whereabouts unknown.
The Golconda Star
   is a   
21.70 Carat Sapphire
Once thought to be owned by Sultan Abdul Hossein Qutub Shah
The Gordon Star
   is a   
52.00 Carat Sapphire
Blue Sapphire. Named after the family that owns the Gordon's Jewelry stores
The Graff Asscher Cut
   is a   
21.46 Carat Sapphire
Clear Sapphire. Famous for being in New York Times ads for Graff
The Guiness Crystal
   is a   
1759 Carat Emerald
Found in Columbia. Owned by Banco Nazionale de la Republica
The Hirsch Aquamarine
   is a   
109.92 Carat Aquamarine
Emerald cut. Part of the House of Louis XV collection
The Hixon Crystal
   is a   
196.10 Carat Ruby Crystal
One of the most perfect large ruby crystals in the world. Owned by Natural History Museum of Los Angeles
The Hope Diamond
   is a   
45.52 Carat Diamond
Blue Diamond. Found in India. Once known as the French Blue at 67.50 carats.
The Koh-i-Noor
   is a   
105.602 Carat Diamond
Stone may date before time of Christ. Set in the Maltese Cross in a crown made for Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother
La Dorada
   is a   
87.6 Carat Beryl
Golden Beryl. Found in Columbia. Part of House of Louis XV collection
Le Grand Noir
   is a   
56.65 Carat Diamond
Black Diamond. House of Louis XV Collection
The Logan Sapphire Brooch
   is a   
422.99 Carat Sapphire
Blue Sapphire. Found in Sri Lanka. Smithsonian Institute
The Mackay Emerald Necklace
   is a   
167.97 Carat Emerald
Found in Columbia. Smithsonian Institute
The Midnight Star
   is a   
116.75 Carat Ruby
New York Museum of Natural History
The Mogok
   is a   
15.97 Carat Ruby
Red Ruby. Found in Burma. Owned by Sultan of Brunei
The Mogul Emerald
   is a   
217.80 Carat Emerald
Dates back to 1695. Discovered in Columbia. Once owned by Emperor Aurangzeb - one side is inscribed with Islamic prayers.
The Orlov
   is a   
189.62 Carat Diamond
Mounted in the Imperial Sceptre made during the reign of Catherine the Great.
Peter the Great's Nose
   is a   
547 Carat Sapphire
Blue Sapphire. Given by Peter the Great to Augustus the Strong in 1698. Presently in Green Vault, Dresden, Germany.
Queen Marie of Romania Sapphire
   is a   
478 Carat Sapphire
Blue Sapphire. One of largest cut sapphires in world.
The Reward of Faith
   is a   
52.36 Carat Sapphire
Red Sapphire. Found in Rubyvale, Queensland, Australia
The Ritika Kunzite
   is a   
75.54 Carat Kunzite
Natural Pink Kunzite. Found in South East Asia. House of Louis XV collection
The Rosser Reeves Star
   is a   
138.7 Carat Ruby
Ruby. Found in Sri Lanka. Smithsonian Institute
The Spirit of De Gisogono
   is a   
312.24 Carat Diamond
Black Diamond. World's largest cut black diamond and world's 5th largest diamond.
The Star of Africa
   is a   
530.20 Carat Diamond
Also called Cullinan I as it is largest of 9 stones cut from the Cullinan Diamond. Part of Crown Jewels of Great Britain.
The Star of Asia
   is a   
329.7 Carat Sapphire
Blue Sapphire. Found in Burma. Smithsonian Institute.
The Star of Bharany
   is a   
27.62 Carat Ruby
Red Ruby. House of Louis XV collection
The Star of Bombay
   is a   
182 Carat Sapphire
Blue Sapphire. Found in Sri Lanka. Given by Douglas Fairbanks to wife Mary Pickford. Smithsonian Institute
The Star of India
   is a   
563.35 Carat Sapphire
Star Sapphire. Largest star sapphire in the world. Discovered in Sri Lanka. New York Museum of Natural History
The Star of Lakshmi
   is a   
60.15 Carat Sapphire
Star Sapphire. Legend says that who ever owns this stone will experience tremendous wealth and good fortune. House of Louis XV
The Tiffany Yellow
   is a   
128.54 Carat Diamond
Yellow Diamond. Found in 1877
The Timur Ruby
   is a   
352.50 Carat Spinel
A stone that has multiple historic inscriptions on it. Part of the Crown Jewels of Great Britain.

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