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New Zealand Prime Ministers

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39 facts:

1856 - 1861
   the Prime Minister was   
Edward Stafford
Described as pragmatic, logical and clear-sighted, served as PM 3 times, 1865-1869 & 1872
   the Prime Minister was   
Henry Sewell
Notable campaigner for New Zealand self government
   the Prime Minister was   
William Fox
Known for his eventual support for Maori land rights, contributions to the education system and his work to increase New Zealand autonomy from Britain, served as Pm on 4 occassions 1861-62, 1869-1872 & 1873
1862 - 1863
   the Prime Minister was   
Alfred Domett
Was an English colonial statesman and poet
1863 - 1864
   the Prime Minister was   
Frederick Whitaker
English-born NZ politician who served twice as PM 1882-1883
1864 - 1865
   the Prime Minister was   
Frederick Weld
NZ polician and later served as Governor of Western Australia, Governor of Tasmania and Governor of the Straits Settlements
1872 - 1873
   the Prime Minister was   
George Waterhouse
Had been Premier of South Austrlia 1861-1863
1873 - 1875
   the Prime Minister was   
Julius Vogel
Was PM twice, 1876, the only practising Jewish prime minister
1875 - 1876
   the Prime Minister was   
Daniel Pollen
Born in Ringsend, Dublin, his father helped build the United States Capitol in Washington DC, USA
1876 - 1877
   the Prime Minister was   
Harry Atkinson
Served 4 times as PM, 1883-1884, 1884, & 1887-1891, He was responsible for guiding the country during a time of economic depression
1877 - 1879
   the Prime Minister was   
George Grey
Was a soldier, explorer, writer, Governor of South Australia, twice Governor of NZ and Governor of Cape Colony (South Africa)
1879 - 1882
   the Prime Minister was   
John Hall
Born Kingston upon Hull, England
   the Prime Minister was   
Robert Stout
PM twice 184-1887, he was noted for his support of liberal causes such as women's suffrage
1891 - 1893
   the Prime Minister was   
John Ballance
Was founder of the Liberal Party (the country's first organized political party)
1893 - 1906
   the Prime Minister was   
Richard Seddon
Liberal Party, Sometimes known as King Dick, was the longest serving PM of NZ, he is regarded by some as one of NZ's greates political leaders,
1906 - 1912
   the Prime Minister was   
Joseph Ward
Liberal, PM twice 1928-1930
   the Prime Minister was   
William Hall-Jones
Liberal, He was interim PM after the death of Richard Seddon
1912 - 1925
   the Prime Minister was   
William Massey
Was the founder of the Reform Party widely considered to have been one of the more skilled politicans of his time, he showed particular support towards rural interests
   the Prime Minister was   
Thomas Mackenzie
Liberal Scotiish-born NZ politican and explorer and later served as New Zealand High Commissioner in London
1925 - 1928
   the Prime Minister was   
Gordon Coates
Reform Party grew up proficient in the Maori language
   the Prime Minister was   
Francis Bell
Reform Party was elected mayor of Wellington 1891, 1892 & 1897
1930 - 1935
   the Prime Minister was   
George Forbes
United Party (Liberal). Had a reputation for rare debating skill and impressive memory
1935 - 1940
   the Prime Minister was   
Michael Joseph Savage
First Labour PM of NZ, he is regarded as one of NZ's greatest leaders
1940 - 1949
   the Prime Minister was   
Peter Fraser
Labour. He held office through most of 2nd World War
1949 - 1957
   the Prime Minister was   
Sidney Holland
National. He was elected to parliament 1935
1957 - 1960
   the Prime Minister was   
Walter Nash
Labour. Was also highly influential in his role as Minister of Finance
   the Prime Minister was   
Keith Holyoake
National. Served twice as PM 1960-1972, he was Governor General of NZ from 1977-1980
1972 - 1974
   the Prime Minister was   
Norman Kirk
Labour. Had the reputation as the most formidable debater of his time
   the Prime Minister was   
Jack Marshall
National. Spent 12 years as Deputy Prime Minister
1974 - 1975
   the Prime Minister was   
Bill Rowling
Labour. Was appointed PM following the death of the highly popular Norman Kirk
1975 - 1984
   the Prime Minister was   
Robert Muldoon
National. Nickname was Piggy, remains one of the most complex, fascinating and polarising figures in NZ history
1984 - 1989
   the Prime Minister was   
David Lange
Labour. Pronounced his name long-ee, had a reputation for cutting wit and eloquence. His government implemented NZ nuclear-free legislation
1989 - 1990
   the Prime Minister was   
Geoffrey Palmer
Labour. He was responsible for considerable reforms of the countrys legal and constitutional framework, such as the creation of the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act and The State Sector Act
1990 - 1990
   the Prime Minister was   
Mike Moore
Labour. Only Prime Minister for 2 months. Also served as Director-General of the World Trade Organization
1990 - 1997
   the Prime Minister was   
Jim Bolger
National. National under Bolger went on to win the biggest landslide in NZ history in 1990
1997 - 1999
   the Prime Minister was   
Jenny Shipley
National. Was NZ's first female PM
1999 - 2008
   the Prime Minister was   
Helen Clark
Labour. As of 2006, Forbes magazine ranked her as the 20th most powerful woman in the world. New Zeland's first elected female PM.
2016 - 2017
   the Prime Minister was   
Bill English
2017 - Present
   the Prime Minister was   
Jacinda Ardern

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