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Boring Administrative Details
Feelings of Isolation and Guilt Supposedly Affecting Young Wealthy People
Recorded from the US in 1988; appeared in the UK in 1993 and is in several British dictionaries
The Practice of Touring Agricultural Areas to See Farms and Participate in Farm Activities
'arm Candy'
A Young Attractive Person Who Accompanies an Older Person at Social Events
A Fuel Usually Derived from Vegetable Sources
Similar to diesel fuel
Flashy Jewellery Worn to Indicate Wealth
Sometimes 'bling-bling'
A 'bodyboard'
A Short Surfboard on Which a Rider Rides Face Down
Measures Taken to Protect a Computer System Against Unauthorized Access
A 'digilante'
Someone Who Publicises Security Vulnerabilities
"digital vigilante"
A 'drama Queen'
A Person Given to Excessive Emotional Reaction
A 'dreamscape'
A Dreamlike, Usually Surrealistic Scene
An 'empty Suit'
An Ineffective Executive
A 'himbo'
An Attractive but Vacuous Man
'intelligent Design'
The Theory That Our Universe Was Created by a Designing Intelligence
A Japanese Comic Book or Graphic Novel
A 'metrosexual'
A Usually Urban Heterosexual Male Given to Enhancing His Personal Appearance by Fastidious Grooming, Beauty Treatments and Fashionable Clothing
A 'micropolitan'
Someone from a City Region With 10,000 to 50,000 Residents
A 'mouse Potato'
A Person Who Spends a Lot of Time on a Computer
A Scam in Which an E-mail User is Duped Into Revealing Personal or Confidential Information
Then used illicitly by the scammer
A Tangy Sauce Mostly Used on Seafood
Made with citrus juice, rice wine vinegar, and soy sauce
A 'ringtone'
The Sound Made by a Cell Phone to Signal an Incoming Call
'road Rage'
Aggressive Driving Habits
An Ebbing of Effort by School Seniors As Evidenced by Tardiness, Absences and Lower Grades
A 'slurb'
A Suburb of Wearisomely Uniform and Usually Poorly Constructed Houses
A 'soul Patch'
A Small Growth of Beard Under a Man's Lower Lip
Jazz trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie had a soul patch
Software That is Installed in a Computer Without the User's Knowledge
Typically transmits information about the user's activity over the Internet
A 'technopreneur'
A Hi-tech Entrepreneur
A 'unibrow'
A Single Continuous Eyebrow
Results from the growing together of eyebrows. Also referred to as a 'monobrow'.

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