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Minecraft Blocks

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Minecraft is a game where blocks are placed (or removed) to build items. A block is anything that can be placed in the game.

14 facts:

An Anvil
Repairs and Renames Blocks
A Bed
Explodes in the Nether
A block that allows the player to sleep and to reset its spawn point to within a few blocks of the bed.
Is Unbreakable
A Chest
Stores Items
Chiseled Sandstone
Is Only Found in Desert Temples
A Crafting Table
Turns 3 Diamonds and 2 Sticks Into a Pickaxe
Diamond Ore
Is Used in the Best Armour
Is the Main Currency when Trading With Villagers
Kills Players the Fastest
A Nether Brick
Is Only Found in the Nether Fortresses
Needs a Diamond Pickaxe to Mine
Is Activated by a Lever
Is Found on Beaches and in Deserts
Can Be Made Into Wooden Planks

Facts contributed by:

Philip Thomas

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