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   is defined as   
Someone Who Intentionally Helps Another Person Commit a Felony
By giving advice before the crime or helping to conceal the evidence or the perpetrator
   is defined as   
A Decision of 'not Guilty'
A decision that a defendant in a criminal case is not guilty of a crime
   is defined as   
Take a Court Case to a Higher Court for Review
   is defined as   
A Court Official Who Maintains Order in the Court
Alos assists the jury. Usually classified as a peace officer and usually wearing a uniform. Sometimes as a deputy sheriff or marshal
   is defined as   
A Crime of Intentional Physical Harm
   is defined as   
A Term Used in Wills Meaning "leave"
For example " I bequeath my garden tools to my brother-in-law, Robert Jenkins"
   is defined as   
The Term for Personal Property Left in a Will
Anything but real estate
   is defined as   
The Local Laws or Statutes of a City or Town
   is defined as   
The Rules of a Corporation or Organisation
They govern the internal affairs or actions of the corporation or organisation
Cash Surrender Value
   is defined as   
The Cash Value of an Insurance Policy Terminated Before Maturity
Before the insurance benefits become payable
   is defined as   
Property That Guarantees Payment of a Secured Debt
   is defined as   
A Bond Not Requiring Security in the Form of a Mortgage or Lien on Property
A bond is an interest-bearing document that serves as evidence of a debt
   is defined as   
A False Statement That Injures Someone's Reputation
And exposes them to public contempt, hatred, ridicule or condemnation
   is defined as   
An Opinion of a Judge That is Not Necessary for the Decision of the Case
   is defined as   
Freeing Someone from Restraint or Bondage
   is defined as   
Building Entirely or Partly on a Neighbor's Property
   is defined as   
A Person is Barred from Denying the Truth of a Fact That Has Already Been Settled As the Truth
   is defined as   
To Intentionally Destroy, Obliterate or Strike out Records or Information
In files, computers and other depositories
   is defined as   
A Serious Crime Usually Punishable by a Prison Term of More Than One Year or by Death
Fishing Expedition
   is defined as   
An Investigation Undertaken in the Hope of Discovering Useful Information
Legal grasping at straws
   is defined as   
Intentionally Deceiving Another Person & Causing Them to Suffer a Loss
Includes lies and half-truths such as selling a lemon and claiming "She runs like a dream".
   is defined as   
A Court-ordered Process That Takes Property from a Person to Satisfy a Debt
For example a person who owes money to a creditor may have her wages garnished if she loses a lawsuit filed by the creditor.
Gross Lease
   is defined as   
A Lease in Which the Lessor Pays All Operating Costs
Costs such as maintenance, taxes or insurance
Habeas Corpus
   is defined as   
A Writ Commanding That a Person Be Brought Before a Judge
Latin for "You have the body". Most commonly, a writ of habeas corpus is a legal document that forces law enforcement authorities to produce a prisoner they are holding and to legally justify his or her confinement. A prisoner files a petition to challenge the authority of the prison or jail warden to continue to hold him.
Hung Jury
   is defined as   
A Jury Unable to Come to a Final Decision Resulting in a Mistrial
   is defined as   
To Charge a Public Official With an Offence or Misdemeanor Committed While in Office
   is defined as   
To Discredit or Attack the Credibility of a Witness
To impeach a witness' credibility for example is to show that the witness is not believable.
   is defined as   
The Inability to Handle One's Own Personal or Financial Affairs
As determined by a court
   is defined as   
A Final Court Ruling Resolving the Key Questions in a Lawsuit
And determining the rights and obligations of the opposing parties
Jus Naturale
   is defined as   
Legal Principles Ostensibly Derived from Universal Divine Truths
Latin for "natural law."
   is defined as   
All Relatives of a Deceased Person
Under some state's probate code
   is defined as   
Although the definition of this term differs from state to state, it typically means taking property belonging to another with intent to permanently deprive the owner of the property.
   is defined as   
Indecent or Offensive Conduct
Today the term is often used when referring to pornography, prostitution and indecent exposure.
Living Will
   is defined as   
A Legal Document in Which You State Your Wishes About Medical Treatments
Including life-prolonging procedures. The document takes effect if you can't communicate your own health care decisions
   is defined as   
Wrongful Conduct, Usually by a Public Official
This term is often used when a professional or public official commits an illegal act that interferes with the performance of his or her duties.
   is defined as   
Required, Compulsory or Obligatory
   is defined as   
A Dispute Resolution Method
Designed to help warring parties resolve their own dispute without going to court
Naked Option
   is defined as   
An Opportunity to Buy an Asset from a Seller Who Does Not Own the Asset
Nolo Contendere
   is defined as   
A No-contest Plea
Nolo is Latin for "I choose not to. In some states, this plea means the charges are not contested but also not admitted. In other states, it is the equivalent of a guilty plea.
   is defined as   
The Substitution of a New Contract for an Old One
A novation may change one of the parties to the contract or the duties that must be performed by the original parties
Nulla Bona
   is defined as   
The Court Was Unable to Find Any Goods Upon Which to Levy
Latin for "no goods." This is what the sheriff writes when she can find no property to seize in order to pay off a court judgment
Open Adoption
   is defined as   
An Adoption in Which There is Contact Between the Parties to the Adoption
Opening Statement
   is defined as   
A Statement Made by an Attorney at the Beginning of a Trial
Made before evidence is introduced. Can also be made by a self-represented party
   is defined as   
A Law Passed by a Local Legislative Body
E.g. by a town or city council, county board of supervisors or other municipal governing board
   is defined as   
A Person Who Does Legal Work but Who is Not Licensed to Practice Law
Pendente Lite
   is defined as   
Matters That Are Contingent Upon the Outcome of a Lawsuit
Latin for "while the action is pending."
Plea Bargain
   is defined as   
A Negotiation Between the Defense and Prosecution That Settles a Criminal Case
The defendant typically pleads guilty to a lesser crime in exchange for a guaranteed sentence that is shorter than what the defendant could face if convicted at tria.
Quantum Meruit
   is defined as   
The Amount That Should Be Paid As Merited by the Service Performed
Latin for 'As much as is deserved'
   is defined as   
A Lawyer Who Drums up a Lot of Business for a Law Firm by Bringing in Clients
   is defined as   
When a Judge or Prosecutor is Removed or Steps Down from a Case
This often happens when the judge or prosecutor has a conflict of interest. For example a prior relationship with one of the parties
   is defined as   
The Blacking out of the Confidential Text in a Document
Res Nova
   is defined as   
An Issue of Law or Case That Has Not Previously Been Decided
Latin for "a new thing,"
   is defined as   
A Fee Paid in Advance to a Lawyer to Secure Their Services.
It acts as a down payment ensuring that the lawyer won't get stiffed and that the client will be represented
   is defined as   
The Taking of Physical Evidence or Property by Law Enforcement Officials
   is defined as   
An Untruthful Oral Statement About a Person That Harms the Person's Reputation
Or harms their standing in the community. A type of defamation.
Sua Sponte
   is defined as   
A Decision or Act That a Judge Decides Upon Without Having Been Asked by Either Party
Latin for "on its own will or motion."
   is defined as   
The Circumstance of Dying After Making a Valid Will
A person who dies with a will is said to have died "testate"
   is defined as   
An Injury to One Person for Which the Person Who Caused the Injury is Legally Responsible
   is defined as   
A Word, Phrase, Logo Etc. Used by a Business to Identify a Product
To distinguish it from its competitors. Could also be a symbol, sound or smell
Ultra Vires
   is defined as   
Conduct by a Corporation or Its Officers That Exceeds the Powers Granted by Law
Latin for "beyond powers."
   is defined as   
The Right to Use Property
Or income from property -- that is owned by another.
   is defined as   
State Laws or Court Rules That Establish the Proper Court to Hear a Case
Often based on the convenience of the defendant.
Volenti Non Fit Injuria
   is defined as   
Latin for "to a Willing Person, No Injury is Done"
A person who knowingly & willingly puts himself in a dangerous situation cannot sue for any resulting injuries
Wrongful Death
   is defined as   
Death Caused by the Fault of Another
Examples of wrongful conduct that may lead to death include drinking and driving

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