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Kings of Poland

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43 facts:

   ruled Poland from   
1501 - 1506
The Polish Senate deprived him control of the mint and reduced him to a subordinate position.
   ruled Poland from   
1031 - 1032
Started the movement known as pagan reaction.
Boleslaw I the Brave
   ruled Poland from   
992 - 1025
Boleslaw was the first Polish king.
Boleslaw II the Bold
   ruled Poland from   
1076 - 1079
First to produce his own coinage - established royal mints in Krakow and Wroclaw.
Boleslaw III Wrymouth
   ruled Poland from   
1102 - 1138
Established the 'senioral principle" - eldest member of the dynasty to have supreme power of the rest.
Boleslaw IV the Curly
   ruled Poland from   
1146 - 1177
Well he did have red curly hair.
Boleslaw V the Chaste
   ruled Poland from   
1243 - 1279
His marriage to Princess Cunegunda was never consummated.
Henryk I the Bearded
   ruled Poland from   
1232 - 1238
Established the Silesian Piasts Coat of Arms.
Henryk II the Pious
   ruled Poland from   
1238 - 1241
Was killed fighting the Mongols. Could only be identified by his feet - he had 11 toes.
Henryk IV Probus
   ruled Poland from   
1288 - 1290
Kept the Polish kingdom in peace.
Henryk Walezy
   ruled Poland from   
1573 - 1574
Abandoned the thrown to become Henry III King of France.
   ruled Poland from   
1382 - 1399
Daughter of Ludwik, reigned jointly with her husband Wladyslaw II Jagiello).
Jan I Olbracht
   ruled Poland from   
1492 - 1501
Wanted to pose as the champion of Christendom against the Ottoman Turks. It didn't work.
Kazimierz III The Great
   ruled Poland from   
1333 - 1370
Reformed the Polish army as well as civil and criminal law courts.
Kazimierz II the Just
   ruled Poland from   
1177 - 1190
Aka Casimir. Died during a banquet - they suspect poison.
Kazimierz I the Restorer
   ruled Poland from   
1039 - 1058
He reinstated Masovia, Silesia and Pmerania into his kingdom.
Kazimierz IV
   ruled Poland from   
1447 - 1492
Fought against the Teutons in the Thirteen Year's War.
Konrad I of Masovia
   ruled Poland from   
1229 - 1232
Attempted to invade and conquer pagan Prussia in a crusade. It didn't work.
Leszek II the Black
   ruled Poland from   
1279 - 1288
Fought the Mongols and threw them out of Poland.
Leszek I the White
   ruled Poland from   
1194 - 1227
Told the Pope that Polish knights could not participate in the Crusades because there was no beer in Palestine.
   ruled Poland from   
1370 - 1382
Reissued the Golden Bull of 1222 to ensure the rights of the nobility.
Maksymilian III
   ruled Poland from   
1587 - 1587
Maximilian's best known legacy is the baroque arch-ducal hat.
Mieszko I
   ruled Poland from   
960 - 992
First Christian monarch.
Mieszko III the Old
   ruled Poland from   
1173 - 1177
Was expelled from Poland by his younger brother Casimir.
Mieszko II Lambert
   ruled Poland from   
1025 - 1031
Also known as Mieszko the Lazy and Mieszko the Stagnant.
Mieszko I Tanglefoot
   ruled Poland from   
1210 - 1211
Co-ruled with Leszek, then was deposed.
   ruled Poland from   
1032 - 1032
Piast Duke 1032 son of Boleslas I.
Przemysl II
   ruled Poland from   
1290 - 1296
Murdered his first wife because she could not bear him children.
   ruled Poland from   
950 - 960
Said to be Poland's first historical ruler.
Stefan I Batory
   ruled Poland from   
1576 - 1586
Regarded as one of the greatest kings of Poland.
   ruled Poland from   
1032 - 1032
Piast Duke 1032 Mieszko I's grandson.
Václav II
   ruled Poland from   
1296 - 1305
Also known as King Wenceslas II.
Václav III
   ruled Poland from   
1305 - 1306
Also known as the Good King Wenceslas.
Wladyslaw I the Elbow-high
   ruled Poland from   
1306 - 1333
Established a coronation of Kings of Poland without the Popes approval.
Wladyslaw I Herman
   ruled Poland from   
1079 - 1102
Built churches as a way of wishing a boy heir would be born to him and his wife.
Wladyslaw II the Exile
   ruled Poland from   
1138 - 1146
Was driven into exile by his brothers.
Wladyslaw III of Varna
   ruled Poland from   
1434 - 1444
Also the King of Hungary temporarily.
Wladyslaw III Spindleshanks
   ruled Poland from   
1202 - 1206
Temporarily deposed Leszek, who deposed Spindleshanks and regained rule.
Wladyslaw II Jagiello
   ruled Poland from   
1386 - 1434
Also the last ruler of Luthuania.
   ruled Poland from   
1102 - 1107
Constantly fought over the throne with his brother Boleslaw III. Boleslaw finally won by killing Zbigniew.
Zygmunt II August
   ruled Poland from   
1548 - 1572
Married three times, he died childless.
Zygmunt III
   ruled Poland from   
1587 - 1632
Member of the Order of the Golden Fleece.
Zygmunt I the Old
   ruled Poland from   
1506 - 1548
Re-establised Nihil novi nisi commune consensu -"Nothing new without the common consent"

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