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Irish Proverbs

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148 facts:

As the Old Cock Crows the
Young Cock Learns
Autumn Days Come Quickly Like
The Running of a Hound on the Moor
Better Own a Trifle Than
Want a Great Deal
Better Sit Beside Him Than
In His Place
A Bird in the Hand is
Worth Two in the Bush
A Blind Man Can
See His Mouth
A Buckle is a Great Addition to
An Old Shoe
Do Not Mistake a Goat's Beard for
A Fine Stallion's Tail
Don't Bless the Fish
Till It Gets to the Land
Don't Build the Sty
Until the Litter Comes
Don't Count Your Chickens
Before They Are Hatched
Don't Let Your Tongue
Cut Your Throat
Don't Rest Your Eyes
Beyond What is Your Own
Don't Tell Your Complaint to
One Who Has No Pity
Don't Throw out the Dirty Water Until
You Have the Clean Water in
The End of a Feast is
Better Than the Beginning of a Fight
Even a Tin Knocker Will
Shine on a Dirty Door
Every Patient is
A Doctor After His Cure
An Eye is Blind in
Another Man's Corner
Firelight Will Not Let You Read Fine Stories but
It's Warm and You Wont See the Dust on the Floor
For What Cannot Be Cured
Patience is Best
The Fox Never Found a Better Messenger
Than Himself
Half a Loaf is
Better Than No Bread
The Hand Goes Only
Where the Leg Goes
Have It Yourself, or
Else Do Without It
He'd Offer You an Egg if
You Promised Not to Break the Shell
He's More to Be Pitied Than
Laughed at
He Who Spies is
The One Who Kills
If You Have One Pair of Good Soles
Its Better Than Two Pairs of Good Uppers
If You Lie Down With Dogs
You'll Rise With Fleas
If You Put a Silk Dress on a Goat
He is a Goat Still
In Winter the Milk Goes to
The Cow's Horns
The Irish Forgive Their Great Men
When They Are Safely Buried
It is Difficult to
Soothe the Proud
It is No Shame to
Tell the Truth
It is No Time to Go for the Doctor when
The Patient is Dead
It is Not the Most Beautiful Woman Who
Has the Most Sense
It's As Hard to See a Woman Crying As
It is to See a Barefooted Duck
It's Better to Be Sorry and Stay Than
To Be Sorry and Go Away
It's Difficult to Choose Between
Two Blind Goats
Its for Her Own Good
That the Cat Purrs
It's No Use
Boiling Your Cabbage Twice
It S No Use Carrying an Umbrella
If Your Shoes Are Leaking
Keep Your Tongue in Your Jaw
And Your Tow in Your Pump
A King's Son is
Not Nobler Than His Food
Least Said
Soonest Mended
Leave the Bad Tale
Where You Found It
A Little Pleases
A Poor Man
A Live Dog is
Better Than a Dead Lion
The Longest Road out is
The Shortest Road Home
Many a Defect is Seen in
The Poor Man
Many an Irish Property Was Increased by
The Lace of a Daughter's Petticoat
Many a Sudden Change
Takes Place on a Spring Day
Marriages Are All Happy, It's
Having Breakfast Together That Causes All the Trouble
Men Are Like Bagpipes
No Sound Comes from Them Until They're Full
A Misty Winter
Brings a Pleasant Spring
... a pleasant winter a misty spring
Man to the Hills
Woman to the Shore
A Narrow Neck Keeps
The Bottle from Being Emptied in One Swig
Neither Give Cherries to Pigs
Nor Advice to a Fool
Never Speak to the Feet
While the Head is Alive
Nobody Ever Bought Peace but
The Man Who Hadn't Got It
A Nod is As Good As
A Wink to a Blind Horse
No Matter Who Succeeds or Fails
The Peacemaker Will Always Suffer
An Old Broom Knows
The Dirty Corners Best
The Older the Fiddle
The Sweeter the Tune
The Old Pipe Gives
The Sweetest Smoke
One Eye in the Corner is
Sharper Than Two About the House
One Man's Meat is
Another Man's Poison
One Who is Without Cows
Must Be His Own Dog
The One Who Waits the Fine Day
Will Get the Fine Day
Patience and Forbearance Make
A Bishop of His Reverence
Patience Can
Conquer Destiny
Patience Cures
Many an Old Complaint
Patience is a
Plaster for All Sores
Patience is a Virtue
That Causes No Shame
Peace is
Worth Buying
Peace as in quietness
The Person Who Brings a Story to You
Will Take Away Two from You
Pity the Man Who Does Wrong
And is Poor As Well
Poor is
The Church Without Music
Poor Men Take to the Sea;
The Rich to the Mountains
Possession is
Nine-tenths of the Law
A Postponement Till Morning
Is a Postponement for Ever
Poverty Creates
Poverty is
No Shame
Poverty Parts
Good Company
Praise the Ford when
You Have Crossed It
Praise the Ripe Field
Not the Green Corn
Pride Comes
Before a Fall
Pride Feels
No Pain
The Pride of Women and
The Pride of Priests
A Promise is
A Debt
The Proverb Cannot
Be Bettered
Proverbs Cannot Be
Put a Beggar on Horseback and
He'll Ride to Hell
Remember Even if You Lose All
Keep Your Good Name for if You Lose That You Are Worthless
A Scholars Ink Lasts Longer Than
A Martyrs Blood
See Not What You See and
Hear Not What You Hear
Show the Fatted Calf but Not
The Thing That Fattened Him
A Silent Mouth is
Sweet to Hear
Snuff at a Wake is Fine if
There's Nobody Sneezing over the Snuff Box
A Soft Dropping April
Brings Milk to Cows and Sheep
A Story Without an Author is
Not Worth Listening to
Tell the Truth and
Shame the Devil
There Are Finer Fish in the Sea Than
Have Ever Been Caught
There is No Smoke
Without Fire
There is Nothing in the World So Poor As
Going to Hell
There is Not a Tree in Heaven
Higher Than the Tree of Patience
There is No Virtue in
The Herb That is Not Got in Time
There'll Be White Blackbirds Before
An Unwilling Woman Ties the Knot
There Never Was an Old Slipper but
There Was an Old Stocking to Match It
There's No Need to Fear the Wind
If Your Haystacks Are Tied Down
The Thief is No Danger to
The Beggar
Those Who Get the Name of Rising Early May
Lie All Day
Though the Proverb is Abandoned,it is
Not Falsified
Time and Patience Would Bring
The Snail to Jerusalem
Time is
A Good Story-teller
To Be Red-haired is
Better Than to Be Without a Head
To Every Cow Its Calf;
To Every Book Its Copy
To the Fighting Man
Peace is Sure
To Put off Repentance is
A Trout in the Pot
Is Better Than a Salmon in the Sea
A Tyrone Woman Will Never Buy a Rabbit Without a Head
For Fear It's a Cat
A Watched Kettle
Never Boils
Watching is
A Part of Good Play
What Butter and Whiskey Will Not Cure
There's No Cure for
What is in the Marrow is
Hard to Take out of the Bone
What's Good for the Goose is
Good for the Gander
What Will Come from the Briar
But the Berry
What Would a Young Cat Do
But Eat Mice
When the Apple is Ripe
It Will Fall
When the Sky Falls
We'll Catch Larks
Whoever the Cap Fits
Takes It
A Wild Goose Never
Reared a Tame Gosling
A Windy Day is Not the Day for
A Woman Like a Goat
A Woman of Rushing Visits
A Woman Like a Goose
Sharp Pecking Woman
A Woman Like a Lamb
A Quiet Friendly Woman
A Woman Like a Pig
A Sleepy-headed Woman
A Woman Like a Sheep
An Affable Friendly Woman
A Woman Like a Sickle
A Strong Stubborn Woman
The Wood Will Renew the
Foliage It Sheds
A Wren in the Hand is Better Than
A Crane to Be Caught
You Can Keep Away from the Rogue
But You Cannot Keep Yourself Safe from the Liar
You'll Never Plough a Field
By Turning It over in Your Mind
You Must Crack the Nuts Before
You Can Eat the Kernel
You Must Empty a Box Before
You Fill It Again
You Never Miss the Water Till
The Well Has Run Dry

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