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French Names for Canadian Mammals

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71 facts:

Antilope D'Amérique
   is French for   
Prairies and plains
Baleine à Bec Commune
   is French for   
Bottlenose Whale
North Atlantic and sub-arctic
Baleine Boréale
   is French for   
Bowhead Whale
Polar ice shelf in winter, coastal waters in summer
Baleine à Bosse
   is French for   
Humpback Whale
Coastal waters and estuaries; Atlantic and Pacific
Baleine Franche
   is French for   
North Atlantic Right Whale
Baleen whale
Baleine Grise
   is French for   
Gray Whale
Temporate continental shelf, Pacific Ocean
Belette à Longe Queue
   is French for   
Long-tailed Weasel
Blaireau D'Amérique
   is French for   
American Badger
Boeuf Musqué
   is French for   
Musk Ox
Canadian arctic
   is French for   
Sperm Whale
Very deep waters; only migrating males found in Canadian waters
   is French for   
Boreal forest, arctic tundra
   is French for   
American Beaver
Castor canadensis, the national animal of Canada
Castor De Montagne
   is French for   
Mountain Beaver
Southern British Columbia; near threatened
Cerf De Virginie
   is French for   
White-tailed Deer
Sub-arctic Canada from prairies to East Coast
Cerf Mulet
   is French for   
Mule Deer
West Coast to prairies
Chauve-souris Argentée
   is French for   
Silver-haired Bat
Deciduous forest lakes
Chauve-souris Blonde
   is French for   
Pallid Bat
Dry plains
Chien De Prairie à Queue Noire
   is French for   
Black-tailed Prairie Dog
Southern Saskatchewan
Chèvre De Mountagne
   is French for   
Mountain Goat
écureuil Fauve
   is French for   
Eastern Fox Squirrel
Edge of forests and groves
écureuil Gris
   is French for   
Eastern Gray Squirrel
Prefers deep forests but is frequent in urban settings
écureuil Roux
   is French for   
Red Squirrel
Dauphin à Bec Blanc
   is French for   
White-beaked Dolphin
High, cold sea of the North Atlantic
Dauphin Commun à Bec Court
   is French for   
Short-beaked Common Dolphin
Temporate high sea
   is French for   
Pilot Whale
Pacific version known as short-finned; Atlantic as long-finned
Grand Dauphin
   is French for   
Bottlenose Dolphin
Coastal waters
Grand Polatouche
   is French for   
Flying Squirrel
Boreal forest
Lapin De Nuttall
   is French for   
Mountain Cottontail
Dry plains
Lapin à Queue Blanche
   is French for   
Eastern Cottontail
Open woodlands
Lièvre Arctique
   is French for   
Arctic Hare
Lièvre D'Amérique
   is French for   
Snowshoe Hare
Forests and marshes
Lièvre De Townsend
   is French for   
White-tailed Jackrabbit
   is French for   
Gray Wolf
Loutre De Mer
   is French for   
Sea Otter
Sea and coast
Loutre De Rivière
   is French for   
Northern River Otter
Rivers, lakes and swamps
Lynx Du Canada
   is French for   
Canadian Lynx
Forests in most of Canada
Lynx Roux
   is French for   
Southern Canada
Marmotte Commune Siffleux
   is French for   
Marmotte Des Rocheuses
   is French for   
Hoary Marmot
Marmotte à Ventre Jaune
   is French for   
Yellow-bellied Marmot
Marsouin Commun
   is French for   
Harbour Porpoise
East and West coast
Martre D'Amérique
   is French for   
American Marten
Coniferous and mixed forests near rivers
   is French for   
Arctic shallows
Moufette Rayée
   is French for   
Striped Skunk
Forests, cultivated areas, my porch
Mouflon D'Amérique
   is French for   
Bighorn Sheep
Southern and southeastern Rockies
Musaraigne Arctique
   is French for   
Arctic Shrew
Peatlands and marshes
Otarie à Fourrure
   is French for   
Northern Fur Seal
Coast of British Columbia
Ours Blanc
   is French for   
Polar Bear
Edge of ice fields
Ours Brun
   is French for   
Brown Bear
Rockies, Northwest Territory, Nunavut
Ours Noir
   is French for   
Black Bear
   is French for   
Aka orque
Petite Chauve-souris Brune
   is French for   
Little Brown Bat
Varied habitat including cities
Petit Polatouche
   is French for   
Southern Flying Squirrel
Deciduous forest
Petit Rorqual
   is French for   
Northern Minke Whale
Temporate or polar seas
Phoque Barbu
   is French for   
Bearded Seal
Arctic Ocean
Phoque à Capuchon
   is French for   
Hooded Seal
Atlantic from the Gulf of St Lawrence to Baffin Island
Phoque Commun
   is French for   
Harbour Seal
Coastal waters and some interior lakes
Phoque Gris
   is French for   
Grey Seal
East Coast
   is French for   
South of the tree line
Raton Laveur
   is French for   
Riparian forests
Renard Gris
   is French for   
Gray Fox
Renard Polaire
   is French for   
Arctic Fox
Tundra, aka renard arctic
Renard Roux
   is French for   
Red Fox
Renard Véloce
   is French for   
Swift Fox
Desert and dry prairie
Rorqual Bleu
   is French for   
Blue Whale
Temporate or polar waters; largest mammal on earth
Rorqual Boréal
   is French for   
Sei Whale
Temporate seas, Atlantic and Pacific
Rorqual Commun
   is French for   
Fin Whale
Baleen whale
Tamia Mineur
   is French for   
Least Chipmunk
Western Quebec to Yukon
Tamia Rayé, Petit Suisse
   is French for   
Eastern Chipmunk
Vison D'Amérique
   is French for   
American Mink
Wetlands and rivers
   is French for   
Original Cree word

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