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Fictional Spacecraft Captains

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28 facts:

Anatoly Korenchkin
   is captain of the   
Von Braun
From the video game System Shock 2.
Ben Sisko
   is captain of the   
From the TV series 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine'. He is also the Starfleet Commander in the charge of the titular space station.
Bruno J. Global
   is captain of the   
From the mecha anime series Macross.
Captain Dallas
   is captain of the   
From the 1979 movie 'Alien'.
Captain Darren
   is captain of the   
From the futuristic book and TV series The Expanse.
Captain Deladier
   is captain of the   
Rodger Young
Commander of a small warship in the 1997 movie 'Starship Troopers'.
Captain Janek
   is captain of the   
A "star map" leads a starship crew to a distant world where they find clues to the origins of mankind. From the 2012 movie.
Captain McDowell
   is captain of the   
From the TV series The Expanse based on the novels by James S. A. Corey. Set in a future where mankind has colonized the solar system but is not yet capable of interstellar travel.
Captain Miller
   is captain of the   
Lewis and Clark
From the 1997 movie 'Event Horizon'.
Captain Norris
   is captain of the   
From the 2016 movie 'Passengers'. The Avalon is a sleeper ship transporting hibernating colonists to a new planet.
Dan Holland
   is captain of the   
From the 1979 movie 'The Black Hole'. The crew of a science vessel discover a spacecraft abandoned close to a black hole.
Ed Mercer
   is captain of the   
From the TV comedy-drama set on a 25th century exploratory space craft.
Frank Hollister
   is captain of the   
Red Dwarf
From the British comedy series 'Red Dwarf' revolving around a space mining vessel and it's crew which includes the last-known human alive.
Han Solo
   is captain of the   
Millenium Falcon
From the movie franchise 'Star Wars'.
Jacob Keyes
   is captain of the   
Pillar of Autumn
From the Halo video game series.
James Cutter
   is captain of the   
Spirit of Fire
From the Halo video game series.
Jean-Luc Piccard
   is captain of the   
USS Enterprise
From the TV series 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'.
Jet Black
   is captain of the   
From the Japanese Anime TV series 'Cowboy Bebop ' about a band of space bounty hunters.
Kathryn Janeway
   is captain of the   
USS Voyager
From the fifth series in the Star Trek TV franchise.
Leela Turanga
   is captain of the   
Planet Express
From the animated TV series 'Futurama'.
Lone Starr
   is captain of the   
Eagle 5
From the 1987 movie parody of Star Wars.
Malcolm Reynolds
   is captain of the   
From the TV series Firefly.
Peter Quill
   is captain of the   
From the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' superhero franchise.
Ryan Clark
   is captain of the   
Avenue 5
From the TV series of the same name. An interplanetary cruise ship on a month long jaunt is sent way off course by a systems glitch.
Tatiana Orlova
   is captain of the   
Alexei Leonov
From the novel 2010: Odyssey Two, sequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey.
William Diego
   is captain of the   
UNN Rickenbacker
From the video game System Shock 2.
William Norton
   is captain of the   
A solar survey ship sent to study an alien craft which contains an "inner world". From the arthur C. Clarke novel Rendezvous with Rama.
Zapp Branigan
   is captain of the   
From the TV series Futurama. The Nimbus is the flagship of the DOOP army.

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