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Famous Animals

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25 facts:

A Pig on the Tv Series 'Green Acres'
Treated as the son of Fred and Doris Ziffel. He played the piano and changed channels on the television
Bamboo Harvester
The Horse That Portrayed Mr. Ed (1961-1966)
In the 'Mr Ed' tv series. A Palomino. Died at age 19 from old age ailments
The Mascot of the Texas Longhorns
At the Univ of Texas. Famous burnt-orange colouring
The Goat Mascot of the US Naval Academy
Ben the Bear in the TV Series 'Grizzly Adams'
The female grizzly bear from the TV series
One of the Pigs Known As the Tamworth Two
Subject of a 2003 BBC film called “The Legend of the Tamworth Two
The Dog in the Tv Series 'The Dukes of Hazzard'
Owned by Sheriff Rosco P Coltrane
Francis the Talking Mule
He starred on TV with Donald O’Connor
The Basset Hound in 'Smokey and the Bandit' (1977)
Companion to Cletus
Fred Muggs
The Mascot for NBC’s 'Today Show' (1953-1957)
Hosted by Dave Garroway
The Pet on the British TV Series “Blue Peter”
Was on the programme for 22 years and worked with 20 different presenters
The Scottish Wrestling Bear in Octopussy (1983)
Wrestled with Roger Moore. Once caddied for Bob Hope at Gleneagles in Scotland
The Unnamed Dog in the TV Series 'Petticoat Junction'
He could open a mailbox and remove the letter
A Capuchin Monkey, Played Marcel on the Tv Series 'Friends
All of the "friends" really did not like her because she caused mass chaos
An Orca Whale Who Played in First Free Willy (1993)
Died of pneumonia at 27 years of age
The First Animal in Space
Soviet dog on Sputnik 2, Nov. 3, 1957. Died during flight
A Jack Russell Terrier Known As Eddie Crane on 'Frasier'
Had the ability to fix Kelsey Grammer with a long hard stare
A Red Tabby Cat Called “Minerva” on 'Our Miss Brooks' (1952-1958)
Also Audrey Hepburn’s cat in Breakfast at Tiffany’s
The First Dog to Play Lassie
Pal belonged to Frank, the brother of animal trainer Rudd Weatherwax, who brought the endearing Collie character to screen and television.
Popcorn Deelites
A Thoroughbred Race Horse in 'Seabiscuit' (2003)
From the bloodline of Secretariat
Rin Tin Tin
The German Shepherd Who Had His Own Show on ABC
(1954-1959) Also had his own radio show “The Wonder Dog”
The Talking Dog “Wishbone” in the PBS TV Series
May 1988 thru June 2001
One of the Pigs Known As the Tamworth Two
Subject of a 2003 BBC film called “The Legend of the Tamworth Two
The Family Dog on 'The Brady Bunch'
Hit by a pizza truck on the studio lot and was killed
Roy Rogers' Horse
Starred in Son of Paleface' (1958)

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