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Endangered Plants - Latin Names

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17 facts:

African Violet
   has a latin name   
Saintpaulia Ionantha
Due to forest clearance and over collection
Baishanzu Fir
   has a latin name   
Abies Beshanzuensis
Three trees known on an isolated mountain summit in southest mainland China
Baker's Larkspur
   has a latin name   
Delphinium Bakeri
California; due to a very limited habitat
Chilean Wine Palm
   has a latin name   
Jubaea Chilensis
Due to land clearance
Dawn Redwood
   has a latin name   
Metasequoia Glyptostroboides
Thought to be extinct until 1941 when a small stand was discovered in China
Fitzcharle's Vine
   has a latin name   
Subbultaetous Muscipula
North Africa
Hickman's Potentilla
   has a latin name   
Potentilla Hickmanii
Thought to be extinct until rediscovery in early 1990's
Kaka Beak
   has a latin name   
Clianthus Puniceus
New Zealand; due to introduced grazers and competing species
King of the Paphs Orchid
   has a latin name   
Paphiopedilum Rothschildianum
Asia; due to overcollection
Louisiana Quilwort
   has a latin name   
Isoetes Louisianensis
Louisiana; due to very limited habitat
Madonna Lily
   has a latin name   
Lilium Candidum
Europe; due to overcollection
Muiri Tree
   has a latin name   
Prunus Africanus
Kenya and neighboring countries; because of harvesting excessively
Saguaro Cactus
   has a latin name   
Carnegia Gigantea
Due to overcollection
Saharan Cypress
   has a latin name   
Cupressus Dupreziana
North Africa; due to desertification
Santa Cruz Tarweed
   has a latin name   
Holocarpa Macradenia
California; due to human encroachment on habitat
Tennessee Coneflower
   has a latin name   
Echinacea Tennesseensis
Nashville basin of Tennessee; due to urbanization
Wollemi Pine
   has a latin name   
Wollemia Nobilis
Australia; thought to be extinct until two trees were discovered in 1994

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