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24 facts:

   appeared in   
Had his own segment on Garfield and Friends called 'Screaming With Binky'
   appeared in   
Ringling Brothers Circus
Also appeared alongside James Stewart in the 1952 film "The Greatest Show on Earth" and was christened 'Blinko' by Cecil B. DeMillle because of his green two and a half inch faked eyelashes Hosted a TV show 1950s TV show and in later years performed with Circus Circus.
Buggy the Clown
   appeared in   
One Piece
Villain in the anime series
   appeared in   
The Greatest Show on Earth
From the 1952 movie. Played by James Stewart.
   appeared in   
A famous clown character played Charlie Chaplin
Chuckles the Clown
   appeared in   
Mary Tyler Moore Show
A background character who was trampled to death in one of the best-known episodes
Clarabell the Clown
   appeared in   
Howdy Doody
Originally played by Bob Keeshan of Captain Kangaroo fame
”Crazy” Joe Davola
   appeared in   
The clown who stalked Elaine
Dr Rockso
   appeared in   
The "Rock and Roll" clown from the adult animated TV series.
Eric the Clown
   appeared in   
Rubs George up the wrong way first by not knowing who 'Bozo the Clown' was and later saving the day by putting out a kitchen fire with his big shoe.
   appeared in   
Modern Family
Alter ego of Cameron Tucker.
Flappy Bob
   appeared in   
Fairly Odd Parents
Tricked by evils pixies into running Camp Learn-a-Torium, the worlds most uninspiring children's camp, as part of a larger plan to make completely boring and dull.
Flunkie the Clown
   appeared in   
Late Night With David Letterman
A bitter, chain-smoking, depressed, very unenthusiastic clown who helped Dave answer viewer mail about circuses and clowns, played by show writer Jeff Martin. The name originated with his first appearance, in which a viewer suggested that mail to Letterman was actually read by a "flunkie". The clown's catchphrase was (in a very unemotional voice) "yeah, it's a real panic."
The Joker
   appeared in   
Joker is mentally unstable and has two scars extending his mouth line.
   appeared in   
The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Held up Will, Carlton & Uncle Phil
   appeared in   
Out of the Inkwell
From the animated film series from the silent movie era.
Krusty the Clown
   appeared in   
The Simpsons
He is the long-time clown host of Bart and Lisa's favorite TV show. He peddles an endless supply of sub-par merchandise from 'Krusty's Vita-Glo Radiant Spring Water' and 'Krusty Non-Toxic Kologne' to 'Krusty-Brand Home Pregnancy Test ("May cause birth defects")' and 'Krusty's Legal Forms ("Hey, Hey! They're Binding!")'
Rebo the Clown
   appeared in   
Magic Land of Allakazam
Sideshow Bob
   appeared in   
The Simpsons
Krusty's original sidekick who suffers years of humilation and frustration as the butt of constant jokes and pranks. He swears an oath of eternal vengence against Bart Simpson who foils his attempt to frame Krusty for robbery.
Sideshow Mel
   appeared in   
The Simpsons
Krusty's replacement sidekick after Sideshow Bob turns evil and tries to frame Krusty for armed robbery. Long-suffering Mel is quiet, well spoken and uncomplaining.
   appeared in   
The hunchback clown in the opera
   appeared in   
BBC children's program.
   appeared in   
"Alas poor Yorick" A court jester
   appeared in   
Howard Stern Show
Alter ego of insult comedian Roger Black.

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