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Chinese Proverbs

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26 facts:

Be the First to the Field
And the Last to the Couch
A Bird Does Not Sing Because It Has an Answer
It Sings Because It Has a Song
A Bit of Fragrance Clings
To the Hand That Gives Flowers
A Book Holds
A House of Gold
A Book is Like
A Garden Carried in the Pocket
A Book Tightly Shut
Is but a Block of Paper
Dig the Well
Before You Are Thirsty
Do Not Employ
Handsome Servants
Do Not Fear Going Forward Slowly
Fear Only to Stand Still
Don't Open a Shop
Unless You Like to Smile
Each Generation Will Reap
What the Former Generation Has Sown
A Filthy Mouth
Will Not Utter Decent Language
A Fool Judges People by
The Presents They Give Him
Great Souls Have Wills
Feeble Ones Have Only Wishes
He Who Depends on Himself
Will Attain the Greatest Happiness
He Who is Drowned
Is Not Troubled by the Rain
If Heaven Made Him
Earth Can Find Some Use for Him
If You Are Patient in One Moment of Anger
You Will Escape a Hundred Days of Sorrow
If You Bow at All
Bow Low
If You Don't Want Anyone to Know
Don't Do It
Make Happy Those Who Are Near
And Those Who Are Far Will Come
A Nation's Treasure
Is in Its Scholars
One Generation Plants the Trees
And the Other Gets the Shade
Outside Noisy
Inside Empty
A Rat Who Gnaws at a Cat's Tail
Invites Destruction
When the Heart is at Ease
The Body is Healthy

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