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Aztec Gods

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Goddess of Storm and Water
Lady Precious Green, wife of Tlaloc. Personification of youthful beauty, vitality and violence. . Chalchihuitlcue is the whirlpool, the wind on the waters, all young and growing things, the beginning of life and creation.
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God of the Corn
The giver of food, god of fertility and regeneration. Cinteotl is protected by the rain gods Tlaloc and Chalchihuitlcue.
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God of Gaiety and Sex
A god of spontaneity, of ostentatious ornament, of unexpected pleasure and sorrow. A trickster and troublemaker. Considered unlucky.
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God of War
Principal god of the Aztecs. Huitzilopochtli swore to defend his mother and immediately on being born put on battle armour and war paint. After defeating the Four Hundred Stars, Huitzilopochtli slew his sister and cast her down the hill at Templo Mayor where her body broke to pieces on striking the bottom.
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God of Darkness and Destruction
Blinded and cast down from the heavens, Itzcoliuhqui strikes out randomly at his victims.
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God of One of the Nine Underworlds
Below the world of living men there are nine underworlds, the lowest of which is Mictlan. Souls who win no merit in life come here after death, endure a rather drab and colourless existence before passing again into the world of the living.
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God of Near and Close
"He Who Is at the Centre," the god above all, the being both male and female who created all life and existence.
   is the Aztec   
God of the Winds and the Breath of Life
The Precious Twin who lifts the sun out of darkness. Quetzcoatl threw himself on into a funeral pyre, where his ashes rose to the heavens as a flock of birds carrying his heart to the star Venus. By far the most compassionate of the Aztec gods. Quetzal-feathered serpent.
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God of Wealth and Power
Tezcatlopoca's favours can only be won by those willing to face his terrors. Ruler over the early years of a man's life.
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Goddess of Witches and Witchcraft
Tlazolteotl has power over all forms of unclean behaviour, usually sexual. The goddess has four forms or aspects. a young and carefree temptress, the Goddess of gambling and uncertainty, the Great Priestess who consumes and destroys the sins of mankind; and frightful old crone, persecutor and destroyer of youth.
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God of the Sun
Poor and ill, Tonatiuh cast himself into the flames, and being burnt up, was resurrected.
Xipe Totec
   is the Aztec   
God of Newly Planted Seed and Penitential Torture
A pockmarked saviour who tears out his eyes and flays himself in penance to the gods, thus persuading the gods to give maize to men.
   is the Aztec   
God of Fire
Lord of the Pole Star, pivot of the universe, one of the forms of the Supreme Deity. The lord of every flame, from those which burn in the temples to those which burn in the lowliest huts.
   is the Aztec   
God of Backward Feet
Brought Man as well as Fire from the underworlds. Bringer of misfortune. The evil aspect of the star Venus. Quetzalcoatl's deformed twin.

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