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23 facts:

   is defined as   
The Combination Effect of Several Waves in the Same Place at the Same Time
It is possible for two sounds to add up to no sound at all
   is defined as   
The Pressure or Displacement of Particles in the Medium
Greater amplitude results in a louder sound
   is defined as   
The Interior Chamber of a Wind Instrument
Used for both wood and metal instruments
Combination Waves
   is defined as   
Waves With Both Horizontal and Perpendicular Motion
Like surface waves on the water
   is defined as   
The Study of Wave Phenomena
Associated with the physical patterns produced by interaction of waves in a medium
   is defined as   
A Unit Expressing the Intensity of a Sound Wave
   is defined as   
Waves Bending Around Corners
Low frequencies bend better than high frequencies
   is defined as   
The Reflection of a Sound Wave Back to Its Source
Requires sufficient time lag to be separately distinguished
   is defined as   
A Sound Wave That is an Integer Multiple of the Fundamental Frequency
An “octave” may be referred to as the “second harmonic”
   is defined as   
A Frequency Too Low to Be Detected by the Human Ear
Below 16-17 hertz
Longitudinal Waves
   is defined as   
Particles Moving Forward/backward
   is defined as   
The Self-actuating System That Creates Musical Sounds Using Solar Energy
For example, the ancient statue of Memnon creates sound when warmed by the morning sun
Otoacoustic Emission
   is defined as   
The Sound Generated from Within the Inner Ear
Used as a measure of inner ear health
   is defined as   
Waves Continuing Once Initiated
Their amplitudes get smaller as they spread
   is defined as   
The Study of Subjective Human Perception of Sounds
Pure Tone
   is defined as   
The Simplest Possible Wave Shape
Also called “simple sound”
Rational Intonation
   is defined as   
Musical Tuning Where Note Frequencies Are Related by Whole Number Ratios
Any interval tuned this way is called a “just interval”
Rijke’s Tube
   is defined as   
A Device for Turning Heat Into Sound
Creates a self-amplifying standing wave
   is defined as   
A Unit of Loudness
A subjective measure of sound pressure
   is defined as   
A Device That Accepts an Input of Energy and Reproduces It in Another Form
Microphones, photoelectric cells, loudspeakers
Transverse Waves
   is defined as   
Particles Moving Perpendicular to the Wave Front
Like a wave in a rope
   is defined as   
The Study of Sounds Beyond the Range of Human Hearing
Greater than 20,000 cycles per second
   is defined as   
Tuning That Does Not Use the Common European 12-tone System
From “xenia” (hospitable) and “xenos” (foreign)

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