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While playing Factacular, chooky knew that:

Calvin Coolidge
   was born in   

... but didn't know that:

Women’s Singles (Luge)
Natalie Geisenberger

Longest single facting session: 249 minutes

Addiction factor: Hi, my name is chooky and I'm a factoholic.

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chooky has contributed 603 facts on Flowers, Champagne Bottles, Heads of State, Animated Villains, Birthdates, National Animals, Airlines of the World, They Died in 2016 - 2020, Prefixes, Strange Place Names, Australian Prime Ministers - Dates, Australian Prime Ministers - Parties, Australian No 1 Hits, Women in History, Operatic Duets, Chemical Symbols, They Died In 2010, New Zealand Prime Ministers, Archibald Prize Recipients, Nudist Beaches, Films - Clint Eastwood, Paraprosdokians, Film Titles - Missing Place Names, Star Wars Episodes, U.S. Presidents - Dates, U.S. Presidents - Nicknames, U.S. Presidents - Order, U.S. Presidents - Parties, U.S. Vice-Presidents, U.S. First Ladies, U.S. Presidential Birth States, Atomic Numbers, Complete the Movie Address, Horror Movies - Trademarks of the Killer, Beaufort Wind Scale, Mohs Hardness Scale, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, Nobel Prize for Chemistry, Nobel Peace Prize, Fans, Australian Rules - Premiership, Somerset Maugham Awards, Horse Racing - The Melbourne Cup, Horse Racing - Belmont Stakes Winners, Horse Racing - American Triple Crown Winners, Horse Racing - Preakness Stakes Winners, Formula One - World Constructors' Champions, Planetary Distances From the Sun, Cryptids, Quotes by Scientists, Quotes by Politicians, Quotes by Philosophers, Famous Last Words, Quotes by Religious Leaders, Famous Horses, Celebrity Siblings, Quotes by Writers, Musical Duos, They Died in 2011 - 2015, Slang - Aussie, Memorable Kisses, Cat Owners, Time 'Person of the Year', Maximum Recorded Lifespans, Quotes by Academics, Santa Around the World, Macavity Award - Best Mystery Novel, Macavity Award - Best Short Story, Macavity Award - Best First Mystery, Macavity Award - Best Nonfiction, Macavity Award - Sue Feder Historical Mystery, Quotes by Businesspeople and Cartoon Sidekicks. Here are the three most recent:

   was won by   
Tony Costa
For the painting 'Lindy Lee'
Secret Squirrel
   has the sidekick   
Morocco Mole
Somewhat bumbling but often has to put Secret Squirrel to rights after one of his super-gadgets has failed.
Darkwing Duck
   has the sidekick   
Launchpad McQuack
Built and pilots Darkwing's Thunderquack plane.

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