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Contributor - Joined Sat 13 Feb 10
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While playing Factacular, dagmike knew that:

Elucidations, Chap. XXII.
   contains the canon law concerning   
Sins, and the Verses of the Sibyls Respecting Them Recited
Elucidations - A Treatise on the Anger of God Addressed to Donatus

... but didn't know that:

   is based in   
National carrier.

Longest single facting session: 138 minutes

Addiction factor: Hi, my name is dagmike and I'm a factoholic.

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Recent Contributions
dagmike has contributed 144 facts on Roman Gods, Planetary Satellites, Astronomers Royal and Watches At Sea. Here are the three most recent:

First Watch
   is from   
8pm – Midnight
Middle Watch
   is from   
Midnight – 4am
Morning Watch
   is from   
4am – 8am

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