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Peter D. Mitchell
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Biological Energy Transfer
1978 - Through the formulation of the chemiosmotic theory

... but didn't know that:

Say's Law
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If businesses produce more output in a free market economy, the wages and other payment for productive inputs will provide sufficient demand so that there is no general glut.

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Addiction factor: Hi, my name is emerald125 and I'm a factoholic.

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emerald125 has contributed 290 facts on Flags - National, Sporting Trophies, Beer, Television Spin-offs, Australian Prime Ministers - Dates, Australian Prime Ministers - Parties, TV Show Locations, Poetry Opening Lines, Fiction - Mystery Crime and Thrillers, Pen Names, They Died in 2008, Official Languages, Directors - Narrative Feature Films, Rugby League - Australian Rugby League Premierships, Great Non Fiction - Science Maths and Technology, Great Non Fiction - Religion Philosophy and Psychology, Great Non Fiction - Geography and History, Fiction - Romance, Horse Racing - The Melbourne Cup and Great Non Fiction - Social Sciences. Here are the three most recent:

   the Australian Prime Minister was   
Scott Morrison
Liberal Party
Eric Hoffer
The True Believer
1951 social psychology, deals with fanaticism
Robert Graves
The White Goddess
1948 book on the nature of poetic myth-making lying behind various pagan mythologies

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