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Christiaan Huygens
The Discoverer of Saturn's Moon Titan
Born 1629 CE, died 1695 CE

... but didn't know that:

The Flag of Kyrgyz SSR (1952-1991)
   was this:   

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2014 - Present
   the Australian Governor-General was   
Sir Peter Cosgrove
Clever Man
An Aboriginal Shaman
Practices traditional medicine and may also play a role in ceremonial life. Physical and earth-based conduit to the "Dreaming. Pan-specific across many indigenous tribes. There were 3 classes of Clever Men - The Medicine Man or Doctor (The Mann’gur), The Spiritual Sorcerer/Doctor/Mind Healer, Philosopher, Religious Teacher, Soothsayer, Forecaster (The Kgun’diri), The Spirit Man - Judge jury and administerer of judgement & death (The Kgai’dai’chi)
Beast in Shooting Star Form That Eats Children's Hearts
Specific to the Ka’bi Mob of South Eastern Queensland. Appears as a shooting star (or sometimes the moon) that transforms into a terrifying spirit creature that hunts for babies. It is known to remove and eat their hearts.

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