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Men Who Scored Highest on Chick Flicks


Rank NameFacts Contributed
1Java   22556
2Bowler   20726
3saguingoira   vita contemplativa19747
4Count Factacular   faster, fitter12073
5Tushers   7085
6USS Palladin   Subvert the paradigm!!!7071
7Allan R. Matthes   Team Ontil4831
8Kristian   Everything is Capital.4747
9Susana Sànchez   Love is a methaphysical gravity4745
10jmaxg   Bite My Shiny Metal Ass!4638
11cazza   I am away!3845
12Seve   Smooth as silk ...3837
13JMK   Take time to smell the roses.3152
14TeaBag   2978
15kevg   2598
16Nakul   It's been Monday all week.2264
17shortbreadforme27   Help Me Now2254
18JUS   mmmmmmmmmmm carrots!!!!!2199
19Steve   2017
20mathdrew   synchronized stairing1929
21Doctor Factenstein   Pantomime villain1827
22daft thistle   Chill out! Queen B is on it!1792
23scratch   (offline)1767
24Diana   TWEETY1706
25Gokie Gary   Always mind, never matter. :)1608
26Egg   USDA Approved1301
27mano762009   1242
28ibdumb   1012
29alin   952
30Sammygee   Everything in its right place...908
31maralyn   735
32JustinKnoxton   Factacular, ever so spectacular!701
33rp33333   Signed Off Forever698
34species   floccinaucinihilipilification.....662
35tazmox   Rarely unexpected surprises596
36 Thirg   I'll win a brainoff one of these days.588
37rodbox   504
38BBandicoot   加油484
39Bright But Idle   Uneducated Guesser456
40philgreek   beware of greeks bearing gifts429
41#1amazingmom   Aaaaawwww SOOOO Handsome!!!!!!!411
42Walker   ....no one knew what was within....397
43mattt140   357
44 Abngreg   354
45Sammi   I'm Baaaaaack :)326
46stuman   318
47cuzzie   310
48kezzy_82   304
48Ruby Franks   304
50emerald125   296
51DJ Nachizzle Loco   294
52shortbreadforme   Life is great embrace it.276
53Spandex   Yes, I am the REAL Spandex.264
54skyrider   254
55chooky   cluck244
56theduke   bent, you's an imposter and stupid..huur242
57Ajax   Excellence through guesswork.240
58caro   :)206
59Loris   more than 20000 facts!204
60drakaina   203
61rjh   England till i die200
62Nemesis   197
63zzz   sleepy head195
64PSG 1970   Top of the world187
65Ritalex   178
65 Zernix   It's been fun, bye.178
67Uncle Tilmer   Remember - the enemy's gate is down.174
68dodgydjnoo   Tie me kangaroo up sport172
694545Klk   fish bait170
70fnord42   never drive a car when you're dead.164
71Quiz3000   Open the pod bay doors, Hal162
72Paladin   United We Fall...Divided We Stand !!!159
73 umyang   It's half guess...158
74jodes   146
75dagmike   The worst club in my bag is my brain143
76tommy_vercetti82   I'm back baby!138
77Sleeper Service   Transient Atmospheric Phenomenon136
79Ang3lus   xX (( CHALLENGE EVERYTHING )) Xx135
80Boru   They're only easy if you know 'em.124
81Possum   117
82Rustycat   109
83Gman   A pun is the lowest form of pastry!108
84DogmanMax   107
85beowulf5   The bees know!105
86shaunt   UP. THE. ARMY.104
87moulagofre   101
88hamboneww   There is no free lunch97
89 jolly   96
90amazingmom   HANG IN THERE~Your dreams MAY come true!90
91bertie   oopsadaisy89
92tob39   Blue Moon88
92sundodger   From Pirate to Peace Keeper88
94 dwatt   "Crom laughs at your four winds"84
94jpm9880   84
96Wildfire   who can think with a zoo in their house!82
97 papillon   77
98Roz Rocks!   World Cup Winners!!!!!!!!73
99Rusty   Lord of Flags72
100sammidaddy   a velvet head70
101skankingrove   62
102Lucy   Getting there61
103mackayhe   59
104them_buzz   Ker-blam!58
104 xxx   58
106Mam316   57
107janetto   wanna see my name in lights LOL56
107Helen McKenzie   Pommie Kiwi Girl56
109Arjun Pai   The world...is watching.54
110dpf777   Me and the Mrs.48
111bepunkt   47
112rubyblue   I just don't want to be last.46
113rk   *Yawn*45
114mightyralph   41
115pythondave   A bird in the hand can be quite ticklish40
116 Scudzilla   35
117juliet   33
117Mike Pinchen   Civilisation? What Civilisation!33
119debnoden62   Shambles indeed!32
119RUI   32
121Cello   30
122omseti   29
122rmcmanus   zombie kittie rocks....29
124ZaxD2   28
125sally906   Has anyone seen my mind? I've lost it!27
125Brownie the boose   Beese rule! That's plural for boose.27
125 Joeyt   27
128 Saranewton   26
128jackson   26
130Sean   25
130TABBYTOES   Google !!! I have the latest books !!25
132TheRealKyle   Tacos, bad >=(24
132Kuemmelboy   What's wrong?24
132some1seyes   24
132 Chelseafan11   24
136 indykatz   23
137teqiwi   To Oblivion, AND BEYOND!!22
138Kye   Excuse me professor, I ate my pencil21
139El Fafa   20
139soddykarate15   paddle faster...I hear bango music20
139Workingmom   "We're all mad here" -Chesire Cat20
142satchelbean101   19
143Alan Smithee   Movie challenges, please !18
143XiGeminorum   Onwards!18
143Katoplasm   18
146KellSMUadmiss   Whats up World!17
147Wertz   16
148 Anubis Klan   15
148pianoman23   opinions will NOT be tolerated!!!15
150Philip Thomas   the more i learn the more i forget.14
151fresh4life88   Cheez-Its are great!13
152 Em13   12
152Gaulty   Kubica, Kubica, Kubica.12
154Dona Muller   11
154dave   Es tu, Brute?11
154Charles III   Ubi Maior Minor Cessat11
154wasape   ...a russian jabberwoky11
154rondapowell   11
159Michaelino   Take your clothes off, I'm a doctor!10
159Dollar Bill   Novus Ordo Seclorum... (};10
159kiwihead   OHH! LOOK AT DAT!!10
159Bob47   10
163 MadMick   I used to be conceited. Now I'm perfect.9
163agauthier   9
163Dane   Your names not down you're not coming in9
166Juliet72   Missing you Istanbul!!! =O)8
167 cshli   7
167nooli   May the Force be with you.7
167thedoc46   7
170Staci   6
170 thecurran   6
170 13goaleboy13   6
170Deathteddyz   Guess who's back - and better than ever!6
170aethra-caelis   6
175 Cnu   5
175legaleagle   5
175 1eaglewood   5
175 james brown   5
175Heatherbean   i'm hungry5
175Cuddlebug   5
181Test User 10   4
181Bain   4
181MAGnus PIE   back into the 21st century4
181telemachus   My. Brain. Hurts.4
185cack   Cack & late husband in Maui3
185 turnkit   Anti-choicer? >>> http://www.abort73.org3
185blacktarzan   "...sorry Dave." - Hal3
185tallyho   Queen of Mediocrity3
189 alex   sit down pikey boy2
189larue   2
189chicagotope   2
189timothy333   magic fruit2
189annak   Live Free or Die2
189 Aniket   2
189 Frank Martinez   Franx2
189sarvjeet   "CONQUER YOURSELF"2
189zara   Exercise more...2
189 robertsfugate   Be Easy.™2
189doczane   2
189Tazing   2
189 Peewee2   2
202Hazel Buckets   1
202 Bass   1
202Anthony J Mormino   Good taste is the enemy of comedy1
202 StuartAFC   1
202Abbie   1
202 `Aether   1
202jakewalsh   abeunt studia in mores1
202 meadow   1
202 Harianne   1
202 aymelek   1
202fisch   1
202 PippiLongstockings   1
202 Mr. Bob   1
202eyebrowscon   Consistency I don't do......1
202 april alleycat   1
202aomelia376   1
202Delicious   1
202 AllanJean   Navel lint is smarter than me most days!1
202snugglebunny   Queen of Useless Knowledge1
202 I'll Be The Thimble   1
202ozziavi80r   Curse you Red Baron1
202 mbaker   1
202 jdm   1
202amyjack214   Tutto E Possible!1
202Maureen   1
202Lippi   Patton: Lust for Glory1
202JimmyT   Something Whity Should Go Here1
202yar   Entr0py prevaiLs1
202cthulu   He's big but he's out of space...1
202Josiejump   Trust me, I'm a professional!1
202mapmaker   1
202Sugarbehr   1
202lillith   Earth Mother1
202tpmotley   1
202 Disaleena   1
202 hemanth   1
202 lotus eater   1

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