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To Die

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Thomas Becket
   uttered the last words   
"I Am Ready to Die for My Lord, That in My Blood the Church May Obtain Liberty and Peace."
Many years after his death, an 'à' was added in his name, giving the form Thomas à Becket, in an attempt to make him appear more holy and worthy of sainthood. [Wikipedia]
The Notorious B.I.G.
   released the album   
Ready To Die (1994)
Meat Puppets
   released the album   
Too High To Die (1994)
Dominque Bouhours
   uttered the last words   
"I Am About to Die - or I Am Going to Die: Either One is Correct."
French grammarian, d. 1702
Mondo Generator
   sang the song   
I Want You To Die
To Die
Fixing To Die
Taxidermy Consult
Call for a Taxidermist's Consultation I.e. Person About to Die
James Patterson
1st to Die
2001. The first title in the Women's Murder Club series
Joyce Maynard
   wrote the book adapted for the film   
To Die For (1995)
Based on the 1992 book
I Want to Die a ___ Death
   contains the word   
Never Too Young To Die (1986)
John Stamos, Vanity and Gene Simmons
Director: Gil Bettman. Also starred George Lazenby, Robert Englund & Peter Kwong
Gil Bettman
Never Too Young To Die (1986)
Malcolm Middleton
   had a U.K. Top 40 single hit with   
We're All Going To Die
Country Joe & The Fish
   released the album   
I Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die (1967)
No Time to Die (1958)
Victor Mature, Leo Genn and Bonar Colleano
Director: Terence Young. Also starred Anthony Newley, Alfred Burke & Richard Marner. Plot: Daniel Thatcher (Mature) is an American sergeant serving with a British tank corps in North Africa. He and most of his unit are captured by the Germans...
Night of the Demon (1957)
   has the tagline   
Chosen...singled out to Die - Victim of His Imagination or Victim of a Demon?
Prom Night (2008)
   has the tagline   
A Party To Die For
Papillon (1973)
   has the tagline   
Two Men With Nothing in Common but a Will to Live and a Place to Die
To Die For (1995)
Nicole Kidman, Matt Dillon and Joaquin Phoenix
Director: Gus Van Sant. Also starred Casey Affleck, Illeana Douglas & Alison Folland. Plot: Suzanne Stone (Kidman) is an aspiring TV personality who will do anything to be in the spotlight- including enlisting 3 teenagers to kill her husband.
Paulo Coelho
Veronika Decides To Die
   is missing from the title of   
___ to Die
The Notorious B.I.G. (1994)
Booker T. Washington White
   performed the blues song   
Fixin' To Die Blues (1940)
Giuliano Carnimeo
Find a Place to Die (1968)
An ex-Confederate soldier, Joe Collins, finds redemption when he defends a woman and her gold mine from a gang of outlaws.
Sergio Garrone
No Room to Die (1969)
One of the lesser known "unofficial" Django / Sartana sequels, the two gunfighters become involved in illegal smuggling across the U.S.-Mexican border.
Tonino Valerii
A Reason to Live, a Reason to Die (1972)
A dishonored Union Army officer leads a group of convicts to retake Fort Holman from the Confederate Army.
S. A. Andree
   was/were the first   
Man to Die Trying to Reach the Geographic North Pole by Hydrogen Balloon
___ Way to Die
   contains the word   
Jack White & Alicia Keys (2008)
Nicole Kidman
   won the Golden Globe for   
To Die For
Best Actress - Musical or Comedy, 1995
Last To Die
Suzanne Stone Maretto
   is played by Nicole Kidman in   
To Die For (1995)
Golden Globe Award for Best Actress - Motion Picture Musical or Comedy
...And Justice For All
To Live Is To Die
Billy Canton
   was played by Brad Pitt in   
To Young to Die (1990)
Lord Pelican
   was played by Peter O'Toole in   
Eager to Die (2010)
Lana Rel Rey
   released the single   
Born To Die (2012)
Fixin' to Die
   was released by   
Bukka White
John Connolly & Declan Burke
   won the award for   
Books to Die For: The World’s Greatest Mystery Writers on the World’s Greatest Mystery Novels
2013. An anthology of essays by some of the worlds best mystery writers discussing the books they themselves enjoy.
Woody Allen
"It's Not That I'm Afraid to Die, I Just Don't Want to Be There when It Happens"
American film director and actor
Spaceways (1953)
   has the tagline   
Space is a Cold Place to Die!

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