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The Atmosphere

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   is the study of   
The Atmosphere
   is the study of   
Dust in the Atmosphere
Oxygen is the Most Common Gas in the Atmosphere
Nitrogen 78.08%, Oxygen 20.95%
The Mixture of Gases Composing the Atmosphere
Oxygen accounts for 20.946% of the total
The Total Amount of Water Transferred from the Surface to the Atmosphere
Cirrus Duplicatus
Stacked Sheets of Cirrus at Different Layers of the Atmosphere
May be linked by strands which pass between the layers
Freezing Level
The Altitude in the Atmosphere Where the Temperature Equals 32F
Greenhouse Effect
The Warming of the Atmosphere by the Trapping of Earth's Longwave Radiation
The gases most responsible for this effect are water vapor and carbon dioxide.
Lapse Rate
The Change in Temperature With Altitude in the Atmosphere
Liquid or Solid Water Molecules That Fall from the Atmosphere and Reach the Ground
The Force Exerted by the Interaction of the Atmosphere and Gravity
Also known as atmospheric pressure.
Liquid Water Droplets That Fall from the Atmosphere
Having diameters greater than drizzle.
Disrupted Flow in the Atmosphere That Produces Gusts
A Segment of Bedrock Exposed to the Atmosphere

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