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Cogito Ergo Sum
I Think Therefore I Am
Rene Descartes
   uses the   
Uzbekistani sum (UZS)
Bizzy D
   has been a vocalist in   
Sum 41
Real name Deryck Whibley
Transamerica (2005)
   has the tagline   
Life is More Than the Sum of Its Parts.
Thomas Brackett Reed
"They Never Open Their Mouths Without Subtracting from the Sum of Human Knowledge."
I Am
1st person singular present tense indicative mood
Sum 41
   come from   
Sum of the Angles in a Triangle
   has the mathematical formula   
It’s curious to note that in non-Euclidean Geometry, the same sum will be either < 180 or > 180, but never = 180
Sum of the Exterior Angles of Any Polygon
   has the mathematical formula   
An interesting constant
Sum of the Interior Angles of Any Polygon
   has the mathematical formula   
(n – 2)180
Where n=number of sides of the polygon
Sum of Any Arithmetic Series
   has the mathematical formula   
N/2 (a1 + An)
Where n=number of terms, a1=first term, and an=nth (or last) term
Sum of Any Geometric Series
   has the mathematical formula   
A1(1 – R^n)/(1 – R)
Where a1=first term, r=common ratio between terms and n=number of terms
Sum of an Infinite Geometric Series
   has the mathematical formula   
Where a1 =first term and r=common ratio between terms
The Sum of All Fears (2002)
Ben Affleck, Morgan Freeman and James Cromwell
Director: Phil Alden Robinson
Tom Clancy
   wrote the book adapted for the film   
The Sum of All Fears (2002)
Based on the 1991 book
I'm Not Ready to Make a Commitment.
Non Sum Paratus Me Committere.
I Am Not Being Unreasonable.
Non Sum Iniquus.
Subset Sum Algorithm
   is an   
Optimization Algorithm
Cone McCaslin
   played bass guitar in   
Sum 41
Canadian, Punk, Alternative & Garage Rock
Factum Sum
I Have Become
1st person singular perfect tense indicative mood
Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
   was titled from the literary source   
Non Sum Qualis Eram Bonae Sub Regno Cynarae
Ernest Dowson
Sum _____
   is missing the number   
   is a combination of   
Producer and Consumer
Siberian, Bengal, Sumatran
   are all   
Tommy Hilfiger
Tommy Summer Cologne
Seasonal (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005)
Assuming Room Temperature (dead)
   is located in   
   has the latin name   
Pimpinella Anisum
Sweet and very aromatic, distinguished by its licorice-like flavor.
William Shakespeare
   wrote the book adapted for the film   
A Midsummer Night's Dream (1999)
Based on the play
   in Esperanto is   
   had a leader   
Mitsumasa Yonai
Implemented the suicide units
Indian Summer
An Unseasonably Warm Period Near the Middle of Autumn
Usually following a substantial period of cool weather.
Summer Teeth
Some Are Teeth and Some Aren't ...
   is the study of   
William Shakespeare
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Rumen, Reticulum, Omasum, Absmasum
   are all   
Stomach Compartments of Ruminants
Mammals that chew their “cud” like cows have these 4 stomachs – four separate compartments - to aid in the complex digestive process.
Jammu and Kashmir
   is the capital of   
Srinagar (summer) and Jammu (winter)
Fall Off the Wagon
Resume Drinking
Molluscum Contagiosum
   is caused by infection with   
Donna Summer
   was a   
D. 2012. 5-time Grammy Award winner. MacArthur Park, Love to Love You Baby,
Opossum, Wallaby, Tasmanian Devil
   are all   
Also Koala Bears and Kangaroos of course.
   is the site of   
Summer Palace, an Imperial Garden in Beijing
The Beach Boys
   released the album   
Summer Days And Summer Nights (1965)
Summer Nights
   comes from the musical   
Susumu Hanagata
   comes from   
John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John
Summer Nights
1978; 7 weeks as #1 in the U.K.; peaked at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100; from the movie "Grease"
Glenn Miller, Steve Fossett, Amelia Earhart, Martin Bormann
   are all   
People Who Disappeared and Were Assumed Dead
…the first three missing in airplane disappearances, and Martin Bormann was a Nazi whose death was unconfirmed.
   is missing from the title of   
Summer Days And ___ Nights
The Beach Boys (1965)
_____ Crazy Summer
   contains the number   
William Shakespeare
   wrote the book adapted for the film   
A Midsummer Night's Dream (1999)
Based on the play

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