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Johnny Mandel
   had a U.K. Number One single with   
Suicide Is Painless
May 25 1980 for 3 weeks. This is the theme from MASH (1970) - also used for the TV show.
Julian Cope
   released the album   
Peggy Suicide (1991)
Alfie Anido
   died in   
1981 aged 22 officially Listed As Suicide
actor Filipino
Freddie Prinze
   died in   
1977 aged 22 from Suicide
comedian, actor American
Ian Curtis
   died in   
1980 aged 23 from Suicide by Hanging
post-punk singer (Joy Division) English
Anton Maiden
   died in   
2003 aged 23 by Suicide
singer Swedish
Peg Entwistle
   died in   
1932 aged 24 by Suicide
actress Welsh
Barcroft Boake
   died in   
1892 aged 26 from Suicide by Hanging
poet Australian
Kurt Cobain
   died in   
1994 aged 27 From gunshot After Lethal Dose of Heroin, Presumed Suicide
grunge singer/guitarist (Nirvana) American
Peter Ham
   died in   
1975 aged 27 from Suicide by Hanging
musician (Badfinger) British
Joseph Merrick (The Elephant Man)
   died in   
1890 aged 27 from Suffocation, Possibly Suicide
severely deformed celebrity of Victorian era London British
Dipendra of Nepal
   died in   
2001 aged 29 from Alleged Suicide by Gunshot After Allegedly Shooting Several Members of Royal Family
crown prince and briefly king Nepali
Carole Landis
   died in   
1948 aged 29 from Suicide
actress American
Robert E. Howard
   died in   
1936 aged 30 from Suicide
writer American
Sylvia Plath
   died in   
1963 aged 30 from Suicide by Asphyxiation
Pulitzer-Prize-winning poet and author American
Sergei Yesenin
   died in   
1925 aged 30 from Suicide
poet Russian
Pete Duel
   died in   
1971 aged 31 from Suicide
actor American
Sidney Fox
   died in   
1942 aged 31 from Suicide
actress American
   died in   
68 Aged 31 from Suicide
"Nero fiddled while Rome burned" ... but this does not mean he sat around playing the violin.
Yutaka Taniyama
   died in   
1958 aged 31 from Suicide
Mathematician Japanese
John Kennedy Toole
   died in   
1969 aged 31 from Suicide
writer American
Hart Crane
   died in   
1932 aged 32 from Suicide
poet American
Eva Braun
   died in   
1945 aged 33 from Suicide
Adolf Hitler's German lover. Hitler and she were married the day before they committed suicide together.
Cal Jammer
   died in   
1995 aged 34 from Suicide
adult film star American
Elliott Smith
   died in   
2003 aged 34 from Multiple Stab Wounds to Chest, Possibly Suicide
singer-songwriter American
Paul Williams
   died in   
1973 aged 34 from Suicide by Gunshot
singer (The Temptations) American
Phil Ochs
   died in   
1976 aged 35 from Suicide by Hanging
singer American
Wolfe Tone
   died in   
1798 aged 35 from Suicide by Stab Wounds to Throat While Awaiting Execution in British Custody
independence leader Irish
Iris Chang
   died in   
2004 aged 36 from Suicide
author American
Justin Fashanu
   died in   
1998 aged 37 from Suicide
footballer English
Joe Meek
   died in   
1967 aged 37 from Suicide
record producer British
Vincent Van Gogh
   died in   
1890 aged 37 from Suicide by Gunshot to His Chest
Painter Dutch
David Rappaport
   died in   
1990 aged 38 from Suicide
diminutive actor British
Suicide Blonde
   released the single   
Suicide Blonde
Ordered His Son to Commit Suicide
Joseon Dynasty. The son was ordered to climb into a chest for storing rice. It was nailed shut and he died 8 days later.
Suicide and Other Comforts
   featured on   
Bitter Suites to Succubi
Suicide by Disembowelling
Literally translated as "belly cut". Hara-kiri is a informal term for seppuku.
   is the Mayan   
Goddess of Suicide Victims
   is the killing of   
Frida Kahlo
Suicide of Dorothy Hale
1939, oil on masonite with painted frame, Phoenix Art Museum
   has the theme tune   
Suicide is Painless
Song written by Johnny Mandel (music) and Mike Altman (lyrics) for the film MASH (1970).
John Gardner
In the Suicide Mountains
Martin Amis
Money: A Suicide Note
   is missing from the title of   
___ Suicide
Julian Cope (1991)
George Grosz
1916, oil on canvas; Tate Gallery, London
Carlo Bartolucci / Charlie Barret
   is played by Christopher Walken in   
Suicide Kings (1997)
Death Magnetic
Suicide & Redemption
Pearl Jam
World Wide Suicide
2006, US 2

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