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   is an antonym of   
   had a U.K. Top 40 single hit with   
Staring At The Rude Bois
Brisk and to the Point; Brusque; Rude
Extremely Rude
François Rude
   created the sculpture   
Mercury Fastening His Sandals, 1827
The Man Who is Alternately Rude and Polite
   was performed by   
Idle and Palin
Gent: "Good morning, I'd care to purchase a chicken, please." Butcher: "Don't come here with that posh talk you nasty, stuck-up twit!" Gent: "I beg your pardon?" Butcher: "A chicken, sir? Certainly."
All the Friend Who Will Have Belonged to the Party, For the Rude in Letters Put to Death and Plundered:
   is found in   
Century X, Quatrain No.20
All the friend who will have belonged to the party, For the rude in letters put to death and plundered: Property up for sale at fixed price the great one annihilated. Never were the Roman people so wronged.
Eye, Feet Wounded Rude Disobedient; Strange and Very Bitter News to the Lady;
   is found in   
Century VII, Quatrain No.11
Eye, feet wounded rude disobedient; strange and very bitter news to the lady; more than five hundred of here people will be killed.
   in Pilipino is   
Walang Modo
Dirty Work
Too Rude
   released the single   
Rude Boy (2010)
From the album "Rated R"
   reached no. 1 in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 with   
Rude Body
5 weeks, 2010
Rude Boy
2010 for 2 weeks
   featured the track   
Rude Awakening #2
D. H. Lawrence
   created the character   
Gertrude Morel
Sons and Lovers, 1913
Cautious or Prudent
Cynthia M. Trudell
   was/were the first   
Woman to Head a US Car Company
Saturn Corp 1999
The Beatles (The White Album)
Dear Prudence
George Bernard Shaw
"Without Art, the Crudeness of Reality Would Make the World Unbearable"
Irish playwright, critic and political activist
Prudence Island Lighthouse
   is located in   
The U.S.A.
1823 - Rhode Island
James Brolin
   is the stage name of   
Craig Kenneth Bruderlin
American television actor, a two-time Golden Globe awards for Marcus Welby M.D. and an Emmy for Marcus Welby M.D.
Pierre Elliot Trudeau
   is buried in   
Saint-Remi-de-Napierville Cemetery, Québec, Canada
Canadian Prime Minister, d. 2000
Syncrude Mine
Oil Sands
Located near Fort McMurray in northeastern Alberta, Canada. It has the largest oil sands crude oil production facility in the world. It produces 13% of the country's oil requirements. It provides jobs directly and indirectly for 14,000 people across Canada
   comes from   
Also: Sachertorte, Wiener Schnitzel & Tafelspitz
Gertrude Stein
   created the character   
Anna Federner
Three Lives, 1909
   featured the character   
Gertrude of Flanders
Played by Elspet Gray
Gertrude Stein
   created the character   
Alice B. Toklas
The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas, 1933
   in German is   
Ole Evinrude
The Outboard Motor (for Boats)
1910; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; United States
Gertrude Ederle
   is famous for being a   
1st woman to swim English channel, breaking men's record by 2 hours in 1926, won 3 medals in 1924 Olympics, 1905-2003
Robbie Williams
   released the album   
Rudebox (2006)
The 10th solo album
To Edit out Rude, Incorrect, Offensive, Useless, or Otherwise Undesirable Information
To cleanse; to purge.
Gertrude Stein
The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas
Robbie Williams
   released the single   
Rudebox (2006)
Pierre Elliott Trudeau
   International Airport is in   
Montreal, Canada
Located in the city of Dorval, on the Island of Montreal, 20 km from downtown Montreal.
Foresight, wisdom and personal discretion
Butt In
   is a name shared by   
Margaret, Pierre, Gary
Prime Minister's wife, Canadian Prime Minister, Cartoonist
Gertrude Stein
The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas
A novel written in the style of an autobiography by her lover, Alice B. Toklas.
Pierre Trudeau
   is/was the   
Canadian Prime Minister
1968-79 and 1980-84
Simon Cowell
I Don't Mean To Be Rude, But....
A judge on American idol.
Pierre Trudeau

15th Prime Minister of Canada, 1968-1970
Gertrude Stein
Tender Buttons: Objects, Food, Rooms
Consists of word clusters chosen for their prosody, juxtaposed for the purpose of subverting commonplace dictionary meanings which Stein believed had largely lost their expressive force and ability to communicate.
Prudencio Cardona
   comes from   

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