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A Stupid or Clumsy Person
A lout.
Fight Club (1999)
Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, Helena Bonham Carter and Meat Loaf
Director: David Fincher
   released the single   
Green-eyed Lady
1970; peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100
Meat Loaf
Dead Ringer For Love
Half a Loaf is
Better Than No Bread
Meat Loaf
I’d Do Anything For Love
1993 September 4. 8 weeks.
Loaf of Bread
Algo Es Algo; Menos Es Nada
Half a Loaf is Better Than Nothing
   was the first publication of   
The Girl Who Trod on the Loaf
Meat Loaf
   released the single   
I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)
Meat Loaf
   sang the song   
Objects In The Rear View Mirror
Meat Loaf
   released the single   
I'd Lie For You (and That's the Truth)
Jug of Wine
Loaf of Bread, Thou
From the 'Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam' as translated by Edward Fitzgerald
The Comedy Company
   featured the character   
Stuart Parkington-Loafe
Played by Mark Mitchell
Meat Loaf
   released the album   
Bat Out of Hell (1977)
"Then that bat of a Chaerephon came up from hell to drink the camel's blood." - Aristophanes, 414 BC
Fight Club (1999)
Edward Norton, Brad Pitt and Meat Loaf
The physical contact of fighting wakes them up and makes them feel truly alive.
Meat Loaf
   was considered for the role of   
Bluto in Animal House (1978)
John Belushi got the part
Meat Loaf
   is the stage name of   
Marvin Aday
Meat Loaf
   had a U.K. Number One single with   
I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)
October 17 1993 for 7 weeks

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