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Marcel Marceau
   was a   
September 22nd. French performance artist who created Bip the Clown and was a world renowed "art of silence" (L'art du silence) promoter who studied Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and The Marx Brothers to learn and perfect his craft. age 87
   features in   
Tenor role; a Nibelung
Pantomime Horses
   was performed by   
City Gent: "And so the decision has to be made which one of you is to go. Champion... how many years have you been with this firm? (Champion stamps his foot three times) Trigger? (Trigger stamps his front foot twice and rear foot once) I see. Well, it's a difficult decision."
Mimeograph, Phonograph, Incandescent Electric Light
   are all   
Inventions of Thomas Edison
The Pantomime Horse is a Secret Agent Film
   was performed by   
Chapman and Cleese
(...an idyllic scene - a boat drifting serenely on a river. A beautiful girl lies reclining in one end of the boat. A hoof appears round her shoulders.) Girl: "Oh pantomime horse, that was wonderful." Dobbin: "Would you like another glass?" Girl: "No, no, I mustn't. It makes me throw up... oh, I'm so bleeding happy." Dobbin: "Oh, Simone!" Girl: "Oh, pantomime horse." (Cut to Graham Chapman in loony get up.) Loony: "Then... " (The pantomime horse spins round and fires his revolver towards some trees overhanging the water. Another pantomime horse falls out of the tree into the water. A third pantomime horse scurries out bin behind a bush and runs off into the undergrowth. Dobbin leaps out of the boat. The girl jumps after him. A car drives out of some bushes on to the road and accelerates away. The pantomime horse is in it. Dobbin and the girl leap into their own expensive sports car and give chase. Shots of exciting chase. After two or three shots of the cars chasing, the two pantomime hones are seen on two tandems, continuing the chase. Cut to them chasing each other on horseback. Cut to them chasing each other on rickshaws. Cut to them chasing each other on foot.)

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