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Dorothy Stratten
   died in   
1980 aged 20 from Homicide
Playboy model Canadian
   died in   
1995 aged 23 from Homicide
singer American
Abigail Folger
   died in   
1969 aged 25 by Homicide by Followers of Charles Manson
socialite, heiress American
Sharon Tate
   died in   
1969 aged 26 from Homicide by Followers of Charles Manson
actress American
Brian Jones
   died in   
1969 aged 27 from Drug-related Drowning, Possibly Homicide
rock guitarist (The Rolling Stones) British
Sam Cooke
   died in   
1964 aged 33 from Homicide
soul musician American
Richard II of England
   died in   
1400 aged 33 from Probably Homicide or Starvation
king, who was deposed and imprisoned by his cousin, Henry IV English
King Curtis
   died in   
1971 aged 37 from Homicide
saxophonist American
Veronica Guerin
   died in   
1996 aged 37 from Homicide
journalist Irish
Sgt. Joe Gavilan
   was played by Harrison Ford in   
Hollywood Homicide (2003)
   is the killing of   
Another Human Being
Judith Barsi
   died in   
1988 Aged 10 By homicide
child actress, American

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