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Most Hits in a Career Record is Held by
   is held by   
Pete Rose
The First Kentucky Derby Was Held
Famous horse race
The Congress of Berlin Was Held
Results in extensive redivision of southeast Europe
Open Star Cluster
   is described as   
Physically Related Groups of Stars Held Together by Mutual Gravitational Attraction
Eg. Pleiades. Called open to distinguish this kind of cluster from a globular cluster
Officer Needs Assistance / Held Hostage
In Mexico, Bullfights Are Traditionally Held on Sundays
Sam Peckinpah
"I Loved Westerns As a Kid, and I Wanted to See if They Held Up."
   is described as   
A Tasting Term for the Feel and Taste of a Wine when Held in the Mouth.
Stagefright (1950)
   has the tagline   
Love Held Its Breath As Sudden Terror Held the Stage!
"death Pointed Its Finger, I Held Fast, an Immaculate Drunk Sharing the Stinking Dark With My Brothers"
   are the closing lines of   
Dostoevsky by Charles Bukowski
   was the year   
The First Indianapolis 500 Was Held
Auto race won by Ray Harroun
   was the year   
The Scopes Monkey Trial Was Held
The "trial of the century;" John Scopes is found guilty of teaching evolution; fined $100
   was the year   
The Nuremberg War Trials Were Held
   was the year   
The First Earth Day Was Held
Organized to draw attention to the danger of pollution
The Longest Day (1962)
   has the tagline   
This is the Day That Changed the World...when History Held Its Breath
Book II, Chap. IV.
   contains the canon law concerning   
Images, and the Ornaments of Temples, and the Contempt in Which They Are Held Even by the Heathens Themselves
Book II. - Of the Origin of Error
Al Held
Abstract Expressionism
American Painter
At La Ferté-Vidame He Will Seize, Nicholas Held Red Who Had Produced His Life:
   is found in   
Century IX, Quatrain No.59
At La Ferté-Vidame he will seize, Nicholas held red who had produced his life: The great Louise who will act secretly one will be born, Giving Burgundy to the Bretons through envy.
After the See Has Been Held Seventeen Years, Five Will Change Within the Same Period of Time:
   is found in   
Century V, Quatrain No.92
After the see has been held seventeen years, Five will change within the same period of time: Then one will be elected at the same time, One who will not be too comfortable to the Romans.
Contact Print
   is described as   
A Print Made by Exposing Photographic Paper While It is Held Tightly Against the Negative.
Images in the print will be the same size as those in the negative.
The Prince
All States, All Powers, That Have Held and Hold Rule over Men...
Niccolo Machiavelli
Kazyonnovo Kozla Za Khvost Poderzhat - Mozhno Shubu Sshit'
Having Held a State Goat's Tail One Can Make a Fur-coat.
Moral: The official can make a lot of money by bribes.
   was the year   
First Tour De France Was Held
Won by Maurice Garin
   was the year   
First Tour De France Was Held
Won by Maurice Garin
   was the year   
The First Indianapolis 500 Was Held
Auto race won by Ray Harroun
Sheldon Sands
   was played by Johnny Depp in   
Once Upon a Time in Mexico (2002)
Nominated Satellitte Award for Best Actor
Lars Magnus Ericsson
The Handheld Micro Telephone
(1846-1926), Sweden
Armand Van Helden
   had a U.K. Top 40 single hit with   
NYC Beat
Westerschelde Tunnel
   is located in   
The Netherlands
6.6 km
Ethelda Bleibtrey
   won gold medals in   
United States -- 1920 -- 3/0/0=3
   stands on the   
Sheldon Moldoff
Richard Strauss
Ein Heldenleben
Handheld Entertainment, Inc
   is represented as   
Sidney Sheldon
   is famous for being an   
American writer who won awards in three careers—a Broadway playwright, a Hollywood TV and movie screenwriter, and a best-selling novelist.
St Augustine of Hippo
"Charity is No Substitute for Justice Withheld"
   Dam is located in   
The Netherlands
35,000 cu. m.
Sidney Sheldon
The Other Side of Midnight
Naive American wife caught in a game of terror, passion, and revenge.
   is the location of   
Oosterschelde National Park
Ethelda "Thel" Bleibtrey
   was/were the first   
Woman to Win a Gold Medal in the Olympics
1920 Swimming

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