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Sao Tome and Principe
   uses the   
dobra (STD)
Komu Na Meste Ne Siditsya, Tot Dobra Ne Nazhivyot.
Those Who Are Discontent to Remain in One Place Will Not Accumulate Much.
English version: A rolling stone gathers no moss
Ot Dobra Dobra Ne Ishchut.
Do Not Look for Further Good from Good.
English version: Leave well enough alone.
Bogu Molis', a Dobra-uma Derzhis'
Pray to God, but Be Level-headed.
English version: Trust in God, but steer away from the rocks
Ippolito Aldobrandini
   is the birth name of   
Clement VIII
Net Khuda Bez Dobra.
There's No Bad Without Good.
English version: Every cloud has a silver lining

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