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A 5cm Tubular Pasta Cut on the Diagonal
"moustaches". a specialty of the Campania region
A 5cm Tubular Pasta Cut on the Diagonal
"quills" Often ridged
Diagonal of a Rectangular Prism
   has the mathematical formula   
√(l^2 + W^2 + H^2)
Where l, w, and h are the length, width and height of the Prism respectively (this formula finds the longest item you can ship in any box)
Or as an adverb: in a diagonal position.
Echelon Formation
Members Are Arranged Diagonally
   can be described as   
To Tenderize Meat by Making a Number of Shallow (often Diagonal) Cuts Across Its Surface
This technique is also useful in marinating as it allows for better absorption of the marinade.
Tridiagonal Matrix Algorithm (Thomas Algorithm)
   is a   
Numerical Algorithm
Number of Diagonals in Any Regular Polygon
   has the mathematical formula   
Where n=number of sides of the regular polygon
Rhombi, Squares, Kites
   are all   
Quads. Whose Areas=½ the Product of the Diagonals
Cross Court
A Call for the Hitter to Slice the Ball Diagonally Onto the Opposition’s Court
Hit it cross court, Randy! Nobody’s there!

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