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Braised Meat Stew
   is the French for   
Beef Braised in Red Wine
   has the latin name   
Daubentonia Madagascariensis
Only a handful of aye-ayes survive in the wild. Found only at a few localities along the eastern half of Madagascar, off eastern Africa. t has suffered from extensive loss of its natural habitat of humid tropical forest, which now exists only in fragmented remnants, including 16 protected areas. The aye-aye is also killed by local people, who believe that it is an evil omen.
   Preakness Stakes winner was   
Maurice Peters on board -- Trainer Richard E. Handlen -- Foxcatcher Farms -- 1:59.80
La Fille Mal Gardée
   was choreographed by   
Jean Dauberval
First premiered in 1789. Music by 55 popular French airs.

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