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"If Chance Will Have Me King, Why, Chance May Crown Me."
   had a U.K. Number One single with   
Take A Chance On Me
February 12 1978 for 3 weeks
Roger Sanchez
   had a U.K. Number One single with   
Another Chance
July 8 2001 for 1 week
Black and White Have Equal Chance of Winning
   produces the perfume   
Evers, Chance
Chicago Cubs baseballers of early 1900's noted for doubleplays
   is carnival lingo for   
A Carnival Game That Has Very Little Chance to Win
Benny Goodman
   released the single   
Taking a Chance on Love
1943; 3 weeks as Billboard's #1
Chance Wayne
   was played by Newman in   
Sweet Bird of Youth (1962)
Propensity for Finding Things by Chance or in Unexpected Places
Games of Chance
   in French is   
Birthday Paradox
   states that   
What is the Chance That Two People in a Room Have the Same Birthday?
50/50 in a room of 24
Pai Gow, Faro, Monte, Chemin De Fer
   are all   
Games of Chance
Tinkers, Evers, Chance
   are all   
Baseball Players Known for Stunning Double Plays
Rule of Five
If More Than Five of the Patient's Orifices Are Obscured by Tubing, He Has No Chance
Frank Chance
   is famous for   
Cubs First Baseman, 1898-1914
Famous for being in the Tinkers to Evers to Chance combination made famous in a 1910 poem
A Chance Event
   believes in the theory   
Chance Governs All Things
   believes in the theory   
Evolution by Chance Variation
   believes in the theory   
Accepts Role of Pure Chance
Come By Chance
   is found in   
Newfoundland, Canada
Fat Chance
Fors Fortis
The Lion in Winter (1968)
   has the last line:   
“I Hope We Never Die.” “So Do I.” “Do You Think There’s Any Chance of It?”
Dog Soldiers (2002)
   has the tagline   
Six Soldiers. Full Moon. No Chance
Dangerous Voyage (1954)
William Lundigan, Naomi Chance and Vincent Ball
Director: Vernon Sewell. Also starred Jean Lodge, Kenneth Henry & Richard Stewart
Mike Blakely
The Last Chance
   winner was   
Peace Chance
Wayne D. Wright up, Trainer: Pete Coyne, Owner: Joseph E. Widener -- 2:29.20
   winner was   
Chance Shot
Earl Sande up, Trainer: Pete Coyne, Owner: Joseph E. Widener -- 2:32.40
The Highway's Jammed With Broken
Heroes on a Last Chance Power Drive
"Born to Run" by Bruce Springsteen
Found, Finding by Chance or Accident
   in Filipino is   
Tennessee Williams
   created the character   
Chance Wayne
Sweet Bird of Youth; drama, 1959
Give Peace a Chance
   relates to the   
Vietnam War
By John and Yoko
Duke Hudkins
   was played by John Wayne in   
A Lady Takes A Chance (1943)
Chance Buckman
   was played by John Wayne in   
Hellfighters (1968)
Sheriff John T. Chance
   was played by John Wayne in   
Rio Bravo (1959)
Vernon Duke
Taking a Chance on Love
Long After Dark
We Stand A Chance
Lt. Col. Michael Strobl
   was played by Kevin Bacon in   
Taking Chance 2009)
Television Film; Golden Globe Award for Best Actor
Roxy Music
Chance Meeting
Take A Chance With Me
Bing Crosby
   released the record   
Just One More Chance
1931; 2 weeks as Billboard's #1
Plastic Ono Band
   released the single   
Give Peace a Chance
1969; the anthem of the American anti-war movement in the 1970s; a monumental historic artifact
Albert Camus
"Freedom is Nothing else but a Chance to Be Better"
Vaclav Havel
"Work for Something Because It is Good, Not Just Because It Stands a Chance to Succeed."
Thomas Fuller
"A Wise Man Turns Chance Into Good Fortune"
English clergyman & historian
Les A. Murray
"The Trouble With Being the Best Man Is, You Don't Get a Chance to Prove It"
Australian poet b. 1938
   released the single   
Second Chance (2008)
#1 on the Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks and the Hot Modern Rock Tracks charts in the US; top ten entry on three other charts; cdertified multi-Platinum in the US.
Milky Chance
   released the single   
Stolen Dance (2013)
German duo's #1 hit on the multiple international charts including the UK Indie and three US Billboard charts; certified mult-Platinum in the US.

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