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Clem Burke
   has played drums in   
   the winner was   
Frances Marie Burke
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Walter Burke
   was played by Pacino in   
The Recruit (2003)
Burke Museum
   is situated in   
Seattle, U.S.A.
Burke and Wills
Were the First Europeans to Cross Australia from South to North
They were inexperienced explorers who where chosen to lead an expedition to find a passage from South to North through the treacherous terrain of inland Australia and win the prize posted by the Victorian Government. They both died on the return trip home from starvation and exhaustion.
Billie Burke
   lifespan was   
Played Glinda the Good Witch of the North in The Wizard of Oz. Full name Mary William Ethelbert Appleton Burke.
Jimmy Burke
   has the nickname   
The Gent
Edmund Burke
   stands/stood in   
College Green
Lost Junction (2005)
Neve Campbell, Billy Burke and Jake Busey
A woman on the run after murdering her husband befriends a smooth-talking man who also has a dark past.
A Bill of Divorcement (1932)
John Barrymore, Billie Burke and Katharine Hepburn
Director: George Cukor. Katharine Hepburn's film debut. John Barrymore (Drew Barrymore's great grandfather) comes home from a mental asylum after 15 years to find his wife has divorced him and is planning to marry again. Kate, his daughter, also is planning her own wedding.
James Lee Burke
   wrote the book adapted for the film   
Heaven's Prisoners (1996)
Based on the 1988 book 'Heaven's Prisoner'
James Lee Burke
   won the award for   
Black Cherry Blues
James Lee Burke
   won the award for   
Cimarron Rose
Jan Burke
   won the award for   
Martyn Burke
Avenging Angelo (2002)
Martyn Burke
The Clown Murders (1976)
The Last Word (1995)
Timothy Hutton, Joe Pantoliano and Michelle Burke
Directors: Tony Spiridakis
Burke and Hare (1972)
Derren Nesbitt, Harry Andrews and Glynn Edwards
Director: Vernon Sewell. Also starred Yootha Joyce, Françoise Pascal & Yutte Stensgaard
Forbidden (1948)
Douglass Montgomery, Hazel Court and Patricia Burke
Director: George King. Also starred Garry Marsh, Ronald Shiner & Kenneth Griffith
Kevin & Perry Go Large (2000)
Harry Enfield, Kathy Burke and Rhys Ifans
Director: Ed Bye. Also starred Laura Fraser, James Fleet & Louisa Rix
Nil by Mouth (1997)
Ray Winstone, Kathy Burke and Charlie Creed-Miles
Director: Gary Oldman. Also starred Laila Morse, Edna Doré & Chrissie Cotterill. Won BAFTA Film Award
The Night Caller (1965)
John Saxon, Alfred Burke and Patricia Haines
Director: John Gilling. Also starred Maurice Denham, Ballard Berkeley & John Carson. Plot: The inhabitants of Ganymede need to find mates from another world or they will become extinct.
Seance on a Wet Afternoon (1964)
Kim Stanley, Margaret Lacey and Marie Burke
Director: Bryan Forbes. Also starred Maria Kazan, Richard Attenborough & Marian Spencer. Plot: Myra (Stanley), a self-styled psychic in London, concocts a scheme to gain celebrity. She convinces Billy (Attenborough), her weak-willed husband...
Carter Burke
   is in the movie   
Played by Paul Reisner
The Bargain (1914)
William S. Hart, J. Frank Burke and Clara Williams
Director: Reginald Barker. Also starred J. Barney Sherry & Joseph J. Dowling. Plot: After the bandit Jim Stokes (hart) robs the stage he is wounded fleeing. Recuperating at a ranch, he falls in love with and marries the daughter...
Great Guy (1936)
James Cagney, Mae Clarke and James Burke
Director: John G. Blystone. Also starred Edward Brophy, Henry Kolker & Bernadene Hayes. Plot: The adventures of an investigator (Cagney) for the Bureau of Weights and Measures.
Gildersleeve on Broadway (1943)
Harold Peary, Billie Burke and Claire Carleton
Director: Gordon Douglas. Also starred Richard LeGrand, Freddie Mercer & Hobart Cavanaugh. Plot: On a mission to New York, two women pursue Gildersleeve (Peary)...then his fiancée shows up.
Murder Without Leaving a Trace on the Body
USS Arleigh Burke
   was the first   
With an Air Filtration System to Protect Against, Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Warfare.
Everybody Sing! (1938)
   also starred   
Allan Jones, Fanny Brice and Billie Burke
The title was originally The Ugly Duckling; it was subsequently changed to Swing Fever, and finally to Everybody Sing. Brice performed one of her famous Baby Snooks routines in this movie.
Alexandra Burke
   had a U.K. Number One single with   
21 December 2008 for 3 weeks
Sunset Limited
   was written by   
James Lee Burke
1998 Golden Dagger
James Burke
   fought out of   
Pioneer. Inducted 1992
Johnny Burke
Pennies From Heaven
Johnny Burke
Swinging on a Star
Johnny Burke
Moonlight Becomes You
Johnny Burke
Alexandra Burke
All Night Long
Featuring Pitbull
Julia Matthews
   is played by Nicole Kidman in   
Wills & Burke (1984)
Solomon Burke
   released the single   
Everybody Needs Somebody to Love
1964; included in the Rolling Stone magazine's "500 Greatest Songs of All Time"
James Carey
Thomas Henry Burke
Permanent Secretary for Ireland
Solomon Burke
   has the nickname   
King of Rock 'n' Soul
American recording artist and vocalist, was a founding father of Soul in the 1960's.
Edmund Burke
"Among a People Generally Corrupt, Liberty Cannot Long Exist"
Irish-born British statesman, parliamentary orator and political thinker
Edmund Burke
"Our Patience Will Achieve More Than Our Force"
Irish orator, philosopher & politician
Edmund Burke
"Never Despair; but if You Do, Work on in Despair"
Irish orator, philosopher & politician
Deborah Adams & Jan Burke
   won the award for   
Cast Your Fate to the Wind & Unharmed
1995 Tie. Deborah Adams for Cast Your Fate to the Wind and Jan Burke for Unharmed
Jan Burke
   won the award for   
THe Abbey Ghosts
John Connolly & Declan Burke
   won the award for   
Books to Die For: The World’s Greatest Mystery Writers on the World’s Greatest Mystery Novels
2013. An anthology of essays by some of the worlds best mystery writers discussing the books they themselves enjoy.

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