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Cyclone Bola
New Zealand
Hawkes Bay, east coast of the North Island, New Zealand on March 7, 1988. Killed 3 people and caused over $106 million damage to roads, sewage and electric services and agriculture.
   in Filipino is   
Maurice Ravel
   is missing from the title of   
Bolan's Zip ___
T.Rex (1975)
 Bola Elevada
   was choreographed by   
Bronislava Nijinska
First premiered in 1928. Music by Maurice Ravel.
Equation of a Hyperbola
   has the mathematical formula   
(x – H)^2/ A^2 - (y – K)^2/ B^2 = 1
Where (h,k)=center, a=semi-transverse axis length, and b=semi-conjugate axis length
UNESCO International Simón Bolívar Prize (2000)
   was awarded to   
Samuel Ruiz García, Julio Sanguinetti
Mexico, Uruguay
Archdiocese of Warsaw
   has the patron saint   
Andrew Bobola
Beheaded, 1657
UNESCO International Simón Bolívar Prize (1998)
   was awarded to   
Muhammad Yunu
Founder and President of the Grameen Bank (Bangladesh)
Vertex of a Parabola
   has the mathematical formula   
(-b/2a , F(-b/2a))
Where the parabola is of the form y=ax^2 + bx + c
Straight on Till Morning (1972)
Rita Tushingham, Shane Briant and James Bolam
Director: Peter Collinson. Also starred Katya Wyeth, Annie Ross & Tom Bell. Plot: A timid, withdrawn woman meets a man she believes is finally the love of her life, unaware that he is a vicious serial killer.
Cibola National Forest
   is situated in   
New Mexico
Vertex, Focus, Directrix
   are all   
Parts of a Parabola
Most car headlights incorporate a parabolic design, with the bulb being at the focus
   appears as a   
Winged Dog
   is shaped like a   
Marc Bolan
   died in   
1977 aged 29 in a Car Accident
glam-rock singer (T. Rex) British
UNESCO International Simón Bolívar Prize (1990)
   was awarded to   
Václav Havel
Former President of the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic
   released the album   
Bolan's Zip Gun (1975)
Pride and Prejudice (1940)
Greer Garson, Laurence Olivier and Mary Boland
Director: Robert Z. Leonard. Also starred Edna May Oliver, Maureen O'Sullivan & Ann Rutherford
Gernikako Arbola
   is found in   
A tree representing the Basque people -- oak tree
The Likely Lads (1976)
Rodney Bewes, James Bolam and Brigit Forsyth
Director: Michael Tuchner. Also starred Mary Tamm, Sheila Fearn & Zena Walker
Obbola Bridge
   is in   
1,381 m (it is divided into two bridges that are 979 m and 402 m long)
UNESCO International Simón Bolívar Prize (2004)
   was awarded to   
Nadia Al-Jurdi Nouaihed, Casa De Las Américas
Lebanon, Cuba
Bolas Spider
   has the Latin name   
Araneidae Family
Marc Bolan
   is the stage name of   
Mark Feld
English singer with T Rex and helped cultivate the glam rock era
   Time 'Person of the Year' was   
Ebola Fighters
Healthworkers from around the world who cared for the victims of the most widespread known outbreak of the Ebola virus.
UNESCO International Simón Bolívar Prize (1992)
   was awarded to   
Aung San Suu Kyi, Julius Nyerere
Myanmar, Tanzania
 Bola De Nudillos
Circle, Parabola, Hyperbola, Ellipse
   are all   
Conic Sections
These are shapes that can be sliced from a cone (or pair of cones)
Marc Bolan
   has been a vocalist in   
T. Rex
Marc Bolan
   was formerly employed as a   
British. Genre: Glam Rock
   was formerly the capital of   
Moved to Bissau, 1879 - 1941
UNESCO International Simón Bolívar Prize (1988)
   was awarded to   
Vicaría De Solidaridad
UNESCO International Simón Bolívar Prize (1998)
   was awarded to   
Mário Soares, Milad Hanna
Portugal, Egypt
Mount Canobolas
   is in   
Highest mountain in the Central West region of New South Wales at 1,395 m above sea level and the 2nd highest point between the Great Dividing Range and Africa.
Ferdinando Baldi
Carambola (1974)
A comedy-western influenced by the popular Trinity-series, mismatched gunrunners Len and Coby challenge a rival smuggler in a hunt for $500,000 reward.
Ciudad Bolívar
   stands on the   
Eavan Boland
Against Love Poetry
   is the worship of   
   belong to the order   
Springtails use an appendage called a furcula to jump
Marc Bolan
   has played guitar in   
T. Rex
UNESCO International Simón Bolívar Prize (1983)
   was awarded to   
King Juan Carlos I, Nelson Mandela
Spain and South Africa
   is located in   
In the floodplain of the lower Colorado, provides home for many wildlife species
UNESCO International Simón Bolívar Prize (1985)
   was awarded to   
The Contadora Group
The efforts of Colombia, Mexico, Panama, and Venezuela to promote peace in Central America
Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever
   is caused by infection with   
Ebola Virus

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