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"I Walked Into the Kitchen to Inspect My Blue Maine Lobster. It Was Boiling Nicely, and Now She Was Too."
   are the closing lines of   
Upon Phoning an X-wife Not Seen for 20 Years by Charles Bukowski
Bukowski, a popular and prolific poet from Los Angeles was the subject of the film "Barfly".
Plunge Fruit or Vegetables Briefly Into Boiling Water
The ingredients can then be placed into ice or cold water (refreshed) in order to stop the cooking process and so prepare the ingredients for freezing or peeling.
Heat a Liquid to Just Below Boiling Point
E.g. scalded cream or milk
It's No Use
Boiling Your Cabbage Twice
He Was up to Ninety
He Was Near Boiling Point
212, 100, 373
   are all   
Boiling Points of Water
In Farenheit, Celsius, and Kelvin respectively
Scream and Scream Again (1970)
   has the tagline   
TRIPLE DISTILLED HORROR...as Powerful As a Vat of Boiling ACID!
Pudding Made by Boiling Rice With Milk and Sugar
Flavored with cardamoms, raisins and pistachios
Pudding Made by Boiling Vermicelli With Milk and Sugar
The Container Into Which Beer is Placed for Boiling
   in Filipino is   
   is divination by   
Boiling an Ass Head
   is used for   
Determining the Boiling Point of Liquids
Boiling Point
The Temperature at Which a Liquid Turns to a Vapour
Phase Changes
Freezing or Boiling

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