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Casablanca (1942)
   contains the line   
"Louis, I Think This is the Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship."
The Matrix Revolutions (2003)
   has the tagline   
Everything That Has a Beginning Has an End.
Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan (1982)
   has the tagline   
At the End of the Universe Lies the Beginning of Vengeance.
Da Capo
From the Beginning
The Repetition of a Phrase at the Beginning of Phrases, Sentences, or Verses
Used for emphasis
John 1:1
In the Beginning Was the Word, and the Word Was With God, and the Word Was God
Opening Statement
   is defined as   
A Statement Made by an Attorney at the Beginning of a Trial
Made before evidence is introduced. Can also be made by a self-represented party
Ab Initio
From the Beginning
The Polyphonic Spree
   released the album   
The Beginning Stages Of... (2002)
Beginning of Dictatorship of General Choe Chung-heon
And his descendants
The End of a Feast is
Better Than the Beginning of a Fight
Je Commence
I Am Beginning
Vous Commencez
You Are Beginning
   released the album   
The Beginning of All Things to End (2001)
The Beginning
   is an antonym of   
Casablanca (1942)
   has the last line:   
“Louis, I Think This is the Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship.”
The Gods Must Be Crazy (1984)
   has the last line:   
“Xi Was Beginning to Think He Would Never Find the End of the Earth. And One Day, Suddenly, There It Was.”
Small Faces
   released the album   
From The Beginning (1967)
Night of the Eagle (1962)
   has the tagline   
You Must See It From The Beginning To Feel The Shock - Impact Of The End!
The Last Legion (2007)
   has the tagline   
The End of an Empire...the Beginning of a Legend
   is the elvish word for   
Beginning of the End (1957)
Peter Graves, Peggie Castle and Morris Ankrum
Director: Bert I. Gordon. Also starred Than Wyenn, Thomas Browne Henry & Richard Benedict -- Plot: Audrey Ames (Castle) , an enterprising journalist, tries to get the scoop on giant grasshoppers accidentally created at the Illinois State experimental farm...
Book III, Chap. XVII.
   contains the canon law concerning   
He Passes from Philosophy to the Philosophers, Beginning With Epicurus
Book III - The Teaching Function of the Church
Book VI, Chap. X.
   contains the canon law concerning   
Religion Towards God, and Mercy Towards Men; and of the Beginning of the World
Book VI - Sanctions in the Church
The Ace of Wands
A Creative Beginning / Setbacks
Minor Arcana
The Two of Cups
Beginning of Love / a Selfish Grasp
Minor Arcana
   in Macedonian is   
The End of the Affair
A Story Has No Beginning or End…
"A story has no beginning or end; arbitrarily one chooses that moment of experience from which to look back or from which to look ahead." - Graham Greene
James Wright
"The moon drops one or two feathers into the fields"
"Their Sons Grow Suicidally Beautiful at the Beginning of October, and Gallop Terribly Against Each Other's Bodies"
   are the closing lines of   
Autumn Begins in Martins Ferry, Ohio by James Wright
   is missing from the title of   
From the ___
Small Faces (1967)
   in Welsh is   
Li Chun
   is the time of   
The Beginning of Spring
February 4 - February 18. Spring starts here according to the Chinese definition of a season.
Li Xia
   is the time of   
The Beginning of Summer
May 6 - May 20. Refers to the Chinese seasonal definition
Li Qiu
   is the time of   
The Beginning of Autumn
August 7 - August 22. Uses the Chinese seasonal definition
Li Dong
   is the time of   
The Beginning of Winter
November 7 - November 21. Refers to the Chinese seasonal definition
Heart Line Beginning Below the Index Finger
Content With Love Life
Heart Line Beginning Below the Middle Finger
Selfish when It Comes to Love
Black Eyed Peas
The Beginning (2011)
Songs: The Time (Dirty Pit), Just Can't Get Enough, Don't Stop The Party
The Three Angels
   was played by Peter O'Toole in   
The Bible: In the Beginning (1966)
From Genesis to Revelation
In The Beginning
Then Play On
Before The Beginning
George Burns
"The Secret of a Good Sermon is to Have a Good Beginning a Good Ending and to Have the Two As Close Together As Possible."
Robert A. Heinlein
"Secrecy is the Beginning of Tyranny"
American novelist and science fiction writer
T. S. Eliot
"What We Call the Beginning if Often the End. And to Make an End is to Make a Beginning. The End is Where We Start From"
British (US-born) critic, dramatist & poet
Theodore Rubin
"Kindness is More Important Than Wisdom, and the Recognition of This is the Beginning of Wisdom"
American psychiatrist and author
Marcus Aurelius
"It is Not Death That a Man Should Fear, but He Should Fear Never Beginning to Live"
14th Roman Emperor

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