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Dave & Ansil Collins
   had a U.K. Number One single with   
Double Barrel
April 24 1971 for 2 weeks
   is defined as (a)   
Water Barrel With a Hole Cut for Drinking Water
Much gossip was exchanged around the water barrel
   in French is   
   in Portuguese is   
Barrel of Monkeys
   was developed by   
Milton Bradley/Hasbro
Aging Barrel
   is described as   
A Barrel, Often Made of Oak, Used to Age Wine or Distilled Spirits.
Angel's Share
   is described as   
The Portion of a Wine in an Aging Barrel That is Lost to Evaporation.
   is described as   
A Wine Barrel That Holds Approximately 239 Litres (63 Gallons).
   is described as   
A Wine Barrel That Holds Approximately 84 U.S. Gallons (318 Litres) .
Watney's Red Barrel
   was performed by   
Idle and Palin
Tourist: "Yes I quite agree I mean what's the point of being treated like sheep. What's the point of going abroad if you're just another tourist carted around in buses surrounded by sweaty mindless oafs from Kettering and Coventry in their cloth caps and their cardigans and their transistor radios and their Sunday Mirrors, complaining about the tea - 'Oh they don't make it properly here, do they, not like at home' - and stopping at Majorcan bodegas selling fish and chips and Watney's Red Barrel and calamares and two veg and sitting in their cotton frocks squirting Timothy White's suncream all over their puffy raw swollen purulent flesh 'cos they 'overdid it on the first day'."
Will Glahe
   released the record   
Beer Barrel Polka
1939; #1 on the Billboard chart; highest ranked version
Dry Barrel
Catches “puke” (overflow) from the Still and Recycles It
   in Filipino is   
Bernard Malamud
The Magic Barrel
Story Collection. National Book Award, 1959
   is shaped like a   
Anna Taylor
The First Woman to Go over Niagara Falls in a Barrel
And lived. (1901)
A Cooper
A Barrel Maker
Made or repaired vessels made of wooden staves & hoops, such as casks, barrels, tubs, etc.
Over a Barrel
In a Compromising Position
Lozhka Dyogtya V Bochke Meda.
A Spoonful of Tar in a Barrel of Honey.
English version: A fly in the ointment.
Nursery Cryme
Harold The Barrel
La Manzana Podrida Pierde a Su Compañia
One Rotten Apple Spoils the Barrel
Stock, Barrel
The whole thing
Lock, Stock and _____ Smoking Barrels
   contains the number   
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998)
Jason Flemyng, Dexter Fletcher and Nick Moran
IMDB:8.0/10. Director: Guy Ritchie. Won 1 Bafta.
Tequila Aged a Minimum of 3 Years in Oak Barrels.
A Barrel-maker
Aged Tequila, in White Oak Barrels for 12 Months or More
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998)
   has the tagline   
A Disgrace to Criminals Everywhere
Helge Palmcrantz
The Multi-barrel, Lever-actuated, Machine Gun
(1842-1880), Sweden. In 1873 Palmcrantz patented the multi-barrel, lever-actuated, machine gun that later would be known as the Nordenfelt machine-gun.
Guy Ritchie
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998)
   is described as   
Also Known As Headspace, the Unfilled Space in a Wine Bottle, Barrel, or Tank.
   is described as   
A Stopper Used to Seal a Bottle or Barrel. Commonly Used Term for Corks.
Free and Easy
Oak Chips
   is described as   
Small Pieces of Oak Wood Used in Place of Oak Barrels in Fermenting And/or Ageing Wine.
Lock, Sock and Two Smoking Barrels

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