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Mark Baron
   has been a vocalist in   
Another Level
Baron Silas Greenback
   is an arch-enemy of   
Danger Mouse
He's a green frog in a yellow suit. So clearly a villain.
Baron Silas Greenback
   is the villain in   
Danger Mouse
Rupert Murdoch
Famous Media Baron That Owned British, Australian, and American Newspapers
Criticized for using his media power for political purposes
Baron Samedi
   appears in   
Live and Let Die (1973)
Inspired by the Voodoo figure
   the female equivalent is   
A member of the lowest grade of the British peerage and his wife.
Baron Ochs
   features in   
Der Rosenkavalier
Bass voice in this Strauss opera
Baron Scarpia
   features in   
Baritone chief of police killed by Tosca at the end of Act II
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988)
John Neville, Sarah Polley, Eric Idle and Oliver Reed
Director: Terry Gilliam. Also starred Uma Thurman, Robin Williams and Peter Jeffrey.
Ali G Indahouse (2002)
Sacha Baron Cohen, Martin Freeman and Michael Gambon
Director: Mark Mylod. Also starred Charles Dance and Kellie Bright.
Baron De Reuter
   was born in   
Kassel, Germany
1816-1899. Founded Reuters, one of the world’s leading news services
Sacha Baron Cohen
   was born in   
London, England
October 13, 1971. Hammersmith. Comedian, Writer, Actor
   is a name shared by   
Geena, Betty, Baron
Actress, Actress, NBA Golden State Warrior Player
Italo Calvino
The Baron in the Trees
The Out of Towners (1970)
Jack Lemmon, Sandy Dennis and Sandy Baron
Director: Arthur Hiller. Also starred Anne Meara, Robert Nichols & Ann Prentiss. Plot: George Kellerman (Lemmon) and his wife make a trip to New York, where he is about to take a new job. This journey turns out to be a trip to hell...
Baron Samedi
   is the   
Caribbean God of the Dead
Dressess like an undertaker.
   has a variety named   
Red Baron
Robber Baron Cave Meshweaver Spider
   has the Latin name   
Cicurina Baronia
Dictynidae Family
Snoopy Vs. The _____ Baron
   has the missing colour   
The Royal Guardsmen
Charles Dickens
The Baron of Grogzwig
Suddenly (1954)
   Frank Sinatra appeared as   
John Baron
Savage Drums (1951)
Sabu, Lita Baron and H. B. Warner
Director: William Berke. Also starred Sid Melton, Steven Geray & Robert Easton
Honoré De Balzac
   created the character   
Baron Hulot
Cousin Bette, 1846; English translation, 1888
Sacha Baron Cohen
   won the Golden Globe for   
"Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorois Nation of Kazakhstan". Best Actor - Musical or Comedy, 2006
Baron Samedi
   is the   
Haitian Voodoo God of the Dead
   had the politician   
Baron Max Hussarek Von Heinlein
Prime Minister
   had the politician   
Baron Charles De Broqueville
Prime Minister
   had the general   
Franz Baron Rohr Von Denta
Field Marshal
   had the general   
Baron Von Der Goltz
Field Marshal, Turkish Army
Baron De Montesquieu
"A Really Intelligent Man Feels What Other Men Only Know"
French philosopher, social commentator and political thinker
Baron Silas Greenback
   has the sidekick   
Stiletto Mafiosa
An Italian crow who is the right hand man of the evil toad Baron Silas Greenback, arch enemy of Danger Mouse
Frank Barone
   appears in   
Everybody Loves Raymond
Baroness Emmuska Orczy
   wrote the book adapted for the film   
The Scarlet Pimpernel (1917)
First released as a silent film in 1917. Starred Dustin Farnum, Winifred Kingston and William Buress
Marie Barone
   appears in   
Everybody Loves Raymond
Ray Barone
   appears in   
Everybody Loves Raymond
Robert Barone
   appears in   
Everybody Loves Raymond
Debra Barone
   appears in   
Everybody Loves Raymond
Vanderbilt, Morgan, Rockefeller
   are all   
Industrialists/Robber Barons

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