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An Excessive or Inordinate Desire of Gain
Greediness after wealth; covetousness; cupidity.
Book V, Chap. VI.
   contains the canon law concerning   
After the Banishment of Justice, Lust, Unjust Laws, Daring, Avarice, Ambition, Pride, Impiety, and Other Vices Reigned
Book V - The Temporal Goods of the Church
   has the lyric:   
You Say You Are Innocent, but You Be Caught and Spent, And Now You Pay the Price, for Avarice, Your Vice
Book II, Chap. VII.
   contains the canon law concerning   
God, and the Religious Rites of the Foolish; of Avarice, and the Authority of Ancestors
Book II. - Of the Origin of Error

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