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Junior Durkin
   died in   
1935 aged 19 in a Car Accident
actor ,American
Adam Petty
   died in   
2000 aged 19 in A car Accident During Race Practice
racing driver, grandson of Richard Petty, American
Duane Allman
   died in   
1971 aged 24 in a Motorbike Accident
Southern-rock slide-guitarist (Allman Brothers Band) American
Cliff Burton
   died in   
1986 aged 24 in a Tour Bus Accident
heavy-metal bass guitarist (Metallica) American
James Dean
   died in   
1955 aged 24 in a Car Accident
actor American
Ben Hollioake
   died in   
2002 aged 24 in a Car Accident
cricketer English
Steve Prefontaine
   died in   
1975 aged 24 in a Car Accident
Olympic long-distance runner American
Françoise Dorléac
   died in   
1967 aged 25 in a car Accident
actress French
Belinda Lee
   died in   
1961 aged 25 in a Car Accident
actress English
Pelle Lindbergh
   died in   
1985 aged 26 in A car Accident
ice hockey goaltender (Philadelphia Flyers) Swedish
Raymond Paley
   died in   
1933 aged 26 in a Skiing Accident
mathematician English
Dražen Petrović
   died in   
1993 aged 28 in a Car Accident
basketball player Croatian
Marc Bolan
   died in   
1977 aged 29 in a Car Accident
glam-rock singer (T. Rex) British
Astrid of Belgium
   died in   
1935 aged 29 in a car Accident
queen Belgian
Mike Hawthorn
   died in   
1959 aged 29 in a Car Accident
racing driver English
Brandon De Wilde
   died in   
1972 aged 30 in a Car Accident
actor American
Bronisław Malinowski
   died in   
1981 aged 30 in a Car Accident
Olympic gold medallist (1980) Polish
Henri Toivonen
   died in   
1986 aged 30 in a Car Accident During Race
rally car driver Finnish
Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes
   died in   
2002 aged 31 in a Car Accident
singer (TLC) American
Jim Clark
   died in   
1968 aged 32 in a Car Accident During Race
Formula One driver British
Gilles Villeneuve
   died in   
1982 aged 32 in a Car Accident During Race Qualifying
Formula One driver Canadian
Valery Kharlamov
   died in   
1981 aged 33 in a Car Accident
ice hockey player Russian
Derrick Thomas
   died in   
2000 aged 33 in a Car Accident
American football linebacker (Kansas City Chiefs) American
Jayne Mansfield
   died in   
1967 aged 34 in a Car Accident
actress and sex symbol American
Casey Jones
   died in   
1900 aged 36 in a Train Accident
railroad engineer American
Diana, Princess of Wales
   died in   
1997 Aged 36 in a Car Accident
British royal, ex-wife of Prince Charles
Nathanael West
   died in   
1940 aged 36 in a car Accident
writer American
Sam Kinison
   died in   
1992 aged 38 in a Car Accident Caused by Drunk Driver
stand-up comedian American
Hit and Run Accident
In Case of Accident or if You Feel Unwell Seek Medical Advice Immediately (show the Label Where Possible)
Bash Cash
The Money Paid for Completing Accident (insurance) Claim Forms in A&E
Serendipity is a Lucky Accident
The word derives from an old Persian fairy tale, and was coined by Horace Walpole on 1754
Crack'em Up
   is found in   
Maryland, U.S.A.
Accident (1967)
Dirk Bogarde, Stanley Baker and Jacqueline Sassard
Director: Joseph Losey. Also starred Michael York, Vivien Merchant & Delphine Seyrig
Shah of Iran Overthrown, Margaret Thatcher Elected, Three Mile Island Accident
   are all   
Major Events of 1979
Hospital Ahead With Accident and Emergency Facilities
   is represented by   

UK road sign
   in Italian is   
The News for Parrots
   contains the line   
No Parrots Were Involved in an Accident on the M1
Narrator: "Good evening. Here is the News for parrots. No parrots were involved in an accident on the M1 today, when a lorry carrying high octane fuel was in collision with a bollard ... that is a bollard and not a parrot. A spokesman for parrots said he was glad no parrots were involved.
Don’t Wanna Be Your Monkey Wrench. One More
Indecent Accident
“Monkey Wrench” by the Foo Fighters
Christa McAuliffe
Killed in the Shuttle Challenger Accident
American Payload Specialist Astronaut. Born 2 September 1948. Died 28 January 1986. Was to have been the first teacher in space.
Dr Judith Resnik
Killed in the Shuttle Challenger Accident
American Mission Specialist Astronaut. Born 5 April 1949. Died 28 January 1986. Engineer.
Found, Finding by Chance or Accident
Mohammed Mrabet
The Saint by Accident
Translation by Paul Bowles
Thomas Selfridge
   was/were the first   
Man to Be Killed in an Airplane Accident
1908-he was riding with Orville Wright
Tose Proeski
   died in   
2007 Aged 26 in a Car Accident
Macedonian pop singer. He was popular across the entire Balkan area and further north, and locally he was considered a top act of the Macedonian music scene. Proeski was known for his trademark quote "Ve sakam site" (I Love You All), and was called "Elvis Presley of the Balkans" by BBC News. Born January 25, 1981. Died October 16, 2007.
Fender Bender
A Minor Traffic Accident
Ned Beauman
   won the award for the book   
The Teleportation Accident
A Minor Car Accident
A fender-bender.

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