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Something Worthless or Absurd
"There is Nothing So Absurd but Some Philosopher Has Said It"
Roman orator and statesman; 106-43 BC
Rapture of The Deep
Clearly Quite Absurd
   in Creole is   
Bertrand Russell
"This is One of Those Views Which Are So Absolutely Absurd That Only Very Learned Men Could Possibly Adopt Them"
British philosopher, historian, logician and mathematician
"L'absurde, C'est La Raison Lucide Qui Constate Ses Limites"
The Absurd is Lucid Reason That Sees Its Limits
Albert Camus
Paul Goodman
Growing Up Absurd
Run-away best-seller in 1960, one of the defining texts of the nascent New Left of the 60's
Cum Nimis Absurdum
   was issued by   
Pope Paul IV
1555 - Places religious and economic restrictions on Jews in the Papal States.
"Le Réel Ne Peut S'exprimer Que Par L'absurde"
Reality Can Only Express Itself With Absurdity
Paul Valéry
Napoleon Bonaparte
"In Politics, an Absurdity is Not a Handicap"
French general & politician
Miguel De Cervantes
"In Order to Attain the Impossible, One Must Attempt the Absurd"
Spanish novelist, dramatist and poet
One Who Believes Any Absurdity
From French, literally, with his mouth open swallowing flies
"If We Believe Absurdities, We Shall Commit Atrocities"
   believes in the theory   
We Live in an Irrational Universe

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