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Balloon Flower
   belongs to the genus   
Albert Lamorisse
   wrote the screenplay for   
The Red Balloon
Won an Oscar for this original screenplay in 1956. He started out as a photographer then went into making short films which brought him a lot of success. He was killed in an helicopter crash while shooting a documentary.
David Niven
The Moon's a Balloon
Balloon Fiesta
   is held in   
New Mexico, U.S.A.
Albuquerque's nine-day celebration with over 750 hot-air balloons
The Yellow Balloon (1953)
Andrew Ray, Kathleen Ryan and Kenneth More
Director: J. Lee Thompson. Also starred Bernard Lee, Stephen Fenemore & William Sylvester. Plot: One of two young boys accidentally falls to his death when playing in a bombed-out London neighborhood...
Ferdinand Von Zeppelin
The Airship Balloon
1838-1917, German, July 2, 1900 first zeppelin flies, carrying 5 passengers a distance of 3.75 miles
   is hobo slang for   
A Roll of Bedding Carried on the Back
   in Spanish is   
Balloon Shark
   has the Latin name   
Cephaloscyllium Sufflans
_____ Balloon
   has the missing colour   
The Goo Goo Dolls
S. A. Andree
   was/were the first   
Man to Die Trying to Reach the Geographic North Pole by Hydrogen Balloon
Steve Fossett
   was/were the first   
Person to Fly Solo Around the World in an Air Balloon
   was created by   
Jules Verne
Hijacked Confederate balloon, from "The Mysterious Island"
Balloon Boy
   was perpetrated by   
Richard and Mayuri Heene
October 15, 2009 the world excited about the news of the six year old boy from Colorado, swept away a home-made balloon. His parents had previously participated in a reality show and wanted to become famous again.
Grabby Water Balloon
   is a humorous name for an   
99 Red Balloons (99 Luftballons)
   was covered by   
2000. Originally recorded by Nena (1983)
Michael Faraday
Rubber Balloons
In 1824 - for use in his hydrogen experiments at the Royal Institution in London.
William Pene Du Bois
The Twenty-One Balloons
   had a U.K. Top 40 single hit with   
_____ Red Balloons
   contains the number   
   had a U.K. Number One single with   
99 Red Balloons
February 26 1984 for 3 weeks
An Aeronaut
A Balloonist or Trapeze Artist in Circus or Music Hall
99 _____ Balloons
   has the missing colour   
Nena. Originally recorded in German as '99 Luftballons'
   released the single   
99 Red Balloons
1983; iconic tune from German band; #1 in the U.K.; peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100

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