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   Palme d'Or winner was   
Two Cents Worth of Hope (Due Soldi Di Speranza)
Directed by Renato Castellani
   used the slogan   
"Because I'm Worth It"
Fair Weather Friends Are Not Worth Much
   is the moral of   
The Swallow and the Crow
Oliver Wendell Holmes
"A Moment's Insight is Sometimes Worth a Life’s Experience"
Author and Poet
Alicia Keys
   released the single   
A Woman's Worth (2002)
From the album "Songs in A Minor".
Queens of the Stone Age
   sang the song   
You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar But I Feel Like A Millionaire
   sang the song   
Stand And Feel Your Worth
   the winner was   
Carroll H. Shilling
Un'immagine Vale Mille Parole
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Meglio Un Uovo Oggi Che Una Gallina Domani
A Bird in Hand is Worth Two in the Bush
Better an egg today than a chicken tomorrow
Peace is
Worth Buying
Peace as in quietness
A Bird in the Hand is
Worth Two in the Bush
A Story Without an Author is
Not Worth Listening to
Texas/Fort Worth
   has the telephone area code   
Texas/Fort Worth
   has the telephone area code   
Thorn in My Side
   has the lyric:   
A Bundle of Lies. You Know That's All That It Was Worth
Fort Worth FCI
   is situated in   
Federal Correctional Institution
Theodore Roosevelt
"Far and Away the Best Prize That Life Has to Offer is the Chance to Work Hard at Work Worth Doing"
26th US President
Carroll's Paradox
   states that   
Whatever Logic is Good Enough Th Tell Me is Worth Writing Down...
   final episode was called   
Something Worth Dying For (Part 2)
Aired May 20 1975
Dan Lewandowski
   wrote the book adapted for the film   
Worth Winning (1989)
Based on the 1989 book
Bleak House (1922)
Sybil Thorndike, Betty Doyle and Harry Worth
Director: H. B. Parkinson. Also starred Alec Alexander and Stacey Gaunt.
Cow Town
Fort Worth
Fort Worth
   is situated in   
John Ruskin
"A Book Worth Reading is Worth Buying"
English art critic
Two Scent's Worth (1955)
Pepè Le Pew
Hindle Wakes (1952)
Lisa Daniely, Leslie Dwyer and Brian Worth
Director: Arthur Crabtree. Also starred Sandra Dorne, Ronald Adam & Joan Hickson. Plot: While on seaside holiday with her girlfriend Mary (Dorne), a pretty factory worker named Jenny (Daniely) is attracted to Alan (Worth)...
An Inspector Calls (1954)
Alastair Sim, Jane Wenham and Brian Worth
Director: Guy Hamilton. Also starred Eileen Moore, Olga Lindo & Arthur Young
The Vault of Horror (1973)
   has the tagline   
...Everything That Makes Life Worth LEAVING
"Right Onward Drive Unharmed, the Port, Well Worth the Cruise, is Near, and Every Wave is Charmed"
   are the closing lines of   
Terminus by Ralph Waldo Emerson
In 1986, a Guard in an Armored Car Was Killed when $50,000 Worth of Quarters Fell on Him.
"If but a Few Shall Know My Worth and Proudly Call Me Friend"
   are the closing lines of   
Success by Edgar A. Guest
For What It's Worth
   was released by   
Buffalo Springfield
1967 - inducted in 2000
The Fearless Rider (1928)
Fred Humes, Barbara Worth and Ben Corbett
Director: Edgar Lewis. Also starred Gilbert Holmes, Buck Connors & William Steele
Is Life Worth Living? (1921)
Eugene O'Brien, Winifred Westover and Arthur Housman
Director: Alan Crosland. Also starred George Lessey, Warren Cook & Arthur Donaldson. Plot: Man tries to make a comeback after getting out of prison.
Barbados Quest (1955)
Tom Conway, Delphi Lawrence and Brian Worth
Director: Bernard Knowles. Also starred Michael Balfour, Campbell Cotts & John Horsley.
The Miracle
Was It All Worth It
Valoir Le Coup
It's Worth It
   used the slogan   
"Banking Worth Talking About"
Ça Vaut Le Coup
It's Worth It
Ovchinka Vydelki Ne Stoit.
The Lambskin Isn't Worth the Currying
English version: The food isn't worth the fire
Más Vale Pájaro En Mano Que Cien Volando
A Bird in Hand is Worth Two in the Bush
A bird in the hand is worth 100 flying
Más Vale Un Toma Que Dos Te Daré
A Bird in Hand is Worth Two in the Bush
Literally, "Better one 'take this' than two 'I will give you'".
Buffalo Springfield
   released the single   
For What It's Worth
1967; peaked at #7 on the Billboard Hot 100; included in the Rolling Stone magazine's "Greatest Songs of All Time"; inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2000
   has the bingo call   
Was She Worth It
7/6- used to be the cost of a marriage licence
Fort _____
   is missing   
1951. The final film of director Edwin L Marin. Stars Randolph Scott, Phyllis Thaxter & Ray Teal. A gunslinger turned newspaperman clashes with a crooked cattle baron.
Benjamin Franklin
"Either Write Something Worth Reading or Do Something Worth Writing"
American polymath and Founding Father
Dame Rose Macaulay
"The Great and Recurrent Question About Abroad Is, is It Worth Getting There?"
English novelist
John Wesley
"Beware You Be Not Swallowed up in Books! An Ounce of Love is Worth a Pound of Knowledge"
Anglican minister and Christian theologian
Lulwind Cove
   is Thomas Hardy's name for   
Lulworth Cove

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