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   released the album   
Elegantly Wasted (1997)
Australian. The final album recorded with lead singer Michael Hutchence.
Mark Johnson
Perfect Strangers
Wasted Sunsets
Shrooms (2006)
   has the tagline   
Get Ready To Get Wasted
Extremely Thin or Wasted
John Updike
Perfection Wasted
"And another regrettable thing about death is the ceasing of your own brand of magic"
   is missing from the title of   
___ Wasted
INXS (1997)
Anthony by Name Great by the Filthy Fact Of Lousiness Wasted to His End:
   is found in   
Century IV, Quatrain No.88
Anthony by name great by the filthy fact Of Lousiness wasted to his end: One who will want to be desirous of lead, Passing the port he will be immersed by the elected one.
On Through The Night
Long After Dark
A Wasted Life
Hotel California
Wasted Time
Pearl Jam
Life Wasted
2006, US 13
Pearl Jam
Wasted Reprise
Wasted Days and Wasted Nights
   was released by   
Freddy Fender
1975 - inducted in 2012
Carolina in the Morning
   has the opening line   
Wishing is Good Time Wasted, Still It's a Habit They Say;
Words by Gus Kahn and music by Walter Donaldson for the Broadway musical revue "The Passing Show of 1922." It was a big hit for Al Jolson in 1947.

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