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Rudolph Valentino
   uttered the last words   
"Don't Pull Down the Blinds! I Feel Fine. I Want the Sunlight to Greet Me."
Valentino Mazzola
   died in   
1949 aged 30 in Superga Air Disaster
footballer (Torino) Italian
Rudolph Valentino
   died in   
1926 aged 31 from Septicaemia
actor Italian
   produces the perfume   
V Pour Homme
Very Valentino Pour Homme
Bobby Valentino
   had a U.K. Top 40 single hit with   
2007 Ft Timbaland
Rudolph Valentino
   owned a dog called   
Centaur Pendragon
Irish Wolfhound
Jim Valentino
Beyond the Rocks (1922)
Gloria Swanson and Rudolph Valentino
Director: Sam Wood. Also starred Edythe Chapman and Alec B. Francis. Drama
Rudolph Valentino
   was born in   
Castellaneta, Italy
1895-1926. Was the most popular romantic star of American silent motion- pictures
The Married Virgin (1918)
Vera Sisson, Rudolph Valentino and Frank Newburg
Director: Joseph Maxwell. Also starred Kathleen Kirkham, Edward Jobson & Lillian Leighton
Valentino Rossi
   has excelled in   
Motorcycle Racing
One of the most successful motorcycle racers of all time, with 8 Grand Prix World Championships to his name.
Bushman, Valentino, Fairbanks
   are all   
Male Sex Symbols of the Silent Screen
Monsieur Beaucaire (1924)
Rudolph Valentino, Bebe Daniels and Ian Maclaren
Director: Sidney Olcott. Also starred Doris Kenyon, Lowell Sherman & Paulette Duval. Plot: When M. Beaucaire (Valentino), a handsome barber, catches the Duke of Winterset (Maclaren) cheating at gambling, Beaucaire exacts Winterset's cooperation in sneaking Beaucaire into a great ball, disguised as the Duke de Chartres, and to introduce him to the beautiful Lady Mary (Kenyon).
The Sheik (1921)
Rudolph Valentino, Agnes Ayres and Ruth Miller
Director: George Melford. Also starred George Waggner, Frank Butler & Charles Brinley. Plot: A charming Arabian sheik becomes infatuated with an adventurous, modern-thinking Englishwoman and abducts her to his home in the Saharan desert.
The Eagle (1925)
Rudolph Valentino, Louise Dresser and Albert Conti
Director: Clarence Brown. Comedy & romance
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1921)
Rudolph Valentino, Alice Terry and Pomeroy Cannon
Director: Rex Ingram. Also starred Josef Swickard, Brinsley Shaw & Alan Hale. Plot: Madariaga (Cannon) is an Argentinian cattle baron with two daughters: one married a Frenchman, the other a German...
Cobra (1925)
Rudolph Valentino, Casson Ferguson and Gertrude Olmstead
Director: Joseph Henabery. Also starred Claire de Lorez. Drama
The Son of the Sheik (1926)
Rudolph Valentino, Vilma Bánky and George Fawcett
Director: George Fitzmaurice. Also starred Montagu Love, Karl Dane & Bull Montana. Plot: Men and women, fathers and children. Ahmed (Valentino), son of Diana and Sheik Ahmed Ben Hassan, falls in love with Yasmin (Bánky)...
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1921)
Rudolph Valentino, Alice Terry and Pomeroy Cannon
IMDB rating 8.2/10. Director: Rex Ingram. Rudolph Valentino's first starring role in a film. National Film Preservation Board, USA 'National Film Registry Award' 2005.

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