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Alfred Hitchcock
Strangers On a Train (1951)
Casey Jones
   died in   
1900 aged 36 in a Train Accident
railroad engineer American
Cat Stevens
   released the single   
Peace Train
1971; peaked at #7 on the Billboard Hot 100; lasting popularity
Bob Dylan
   released the album   
Slow Train Coming (1979)
Anne Ramsey
   starred in   
Throw Momma From the Train (1987)
The Monkees
   released the single   
Last Train to Clarksville
1966; 1 week as U.S. #1
Frankie Laine
   released the single   
Mule Train
1949; 6 weeks as Billboard's #1
   in German is   
   in Esperanto is   
Me & Bobby McGee
   has the lyric:   
Busted Flat in Baton Rouge, Waiting for a Train
Janis Joplin
Strange Magic, Sweet Talking Woman, Last Train to London
   are all   
Songs by ELO
Hamburger (Helper)
Train or Juggernaut Vs Pedestrian
Midnight Train to _____
Gladys Knight and The Pips
Last Train to _____
Words and Music by Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart
   is a gangster term for   
Night Train for Inverness (1960)
Norman Wooland, Jane Hylton and Dennis Waterman
Director: Ernest Morris. Also starred Silvia Francis, Irene Arnold & Valentine Dyall
The First Great Train Robbery (1979)
   has the tagline   
Never Has So Few Taken So Much from So Many
Strangers on a Train (1951)
   has the tagline   
It's off The Beaten Track!
Strangers on a Train (1951)
   has the tagline   
It's Starts With a Shriek of a Train Whistle...and Ends With Shrieking Excitement
The Dirty Dozen (1967)
   has the tagline   
Train Them! Excite Them! Arm Them!...Then Turn Them Loose on the Nazi's!
The Midnight Meat Train (2008)
   has the tagline   
The Most Terrifying Ride You'll Ever Take
Edward Pierce/John Simms/Geoffrey
   was played by Sean Connery in   
The First Great Train Robbery
Played the role of a Victorian criminal which loosely re-creates the tale of the first ever Great Train Robbery in Victorian times. Co stars include Donald Sutherland
   is hobo slang for   
A Local Freight Train
It may carry passengers
Cannon Ball
   is hobo slang for   
A Fast Train
"The Wabash Cannon Ball" is the mythical hobo train that travels everywhere
Head End
   is hobo slang for   
The Front of the Train
Deck 'em
   is hobo slang for   
To Ride the Top of a Passenger Train
Hitting the Grit
   is hobo slang for   
To Be Forced off a Moving Train
Midnight Train to Georgia
   was released by   
Gladys Knight & the Pips
1973 - inducted in 1999; 2 weeks as #1 on the Billboard Hot 100; 4 weeks as #1 on the Billboard R&B chart; included in Rolling Stone magazine's "500 Greatest Songs of All Time"
   is missing from the title of   
Slow Train ___
Bob Dylan (1979)
Long _____ Train
   has the missing colour   
Josh Turner
Jesse James
   was/were the first   
To Commit a Train Robbery
1873 in Adair, Iowa, USA
Strangers on a Train (1951)
Farley Granger, Ruth Roman and Robert Walker
IMDB: 8.3/10. Director: Alfred Hitchcock.
Bruno Anthony
   is in the movie   
Strangers on a Train (1951)
Robert Walker
Get Your Wings
The Train Keep A Rollin'
Jon Voight
   won the Golden Globe for   
Runaway Train
Best Actor - Drama, 1985
Peace Train
   relates to the   
Vietnam War
Cat Stevens
Born In The U.S.A.
Downbound Train
Songs From The West Coast
This Train Don’t Stop There Anymore
Get On The Funk Train
   was released by   
Munich Machine
Ozzy Osbourne
   signature tune is   
Crazy Train
1980, heavy metal, US 9, UK 49
Jay Robinson
   won for   
Train Ride to Hollywood (1976)
Best Supporting Actor
Anne Ramsey
   won for   
Throw Momma From the Train (1987)
Best Supporting Actress
   has the opening line   
You Could Have A Steam Train If You’d Just Lay Down Your Tracks
1986, Peter Gabriel
Iron Horse
A Train
Frankie Laine
Mule Train
1949, US 1
Last Train To London
1979, UK 8, US 39
Duke Ellington
   released the single   
Take the "A" Train
1941; lasting acclaim
Elvis Presley
   released the single   
Mystery Train
1955; did not chart' included in Rolling Stone magazine's "500 Greatest Songs of All Time"
Love Train
   was released by   
The O'Jays
1973 - inducted in 2006
Gladys Knight & the Pips
   released the single   
Midnight Train to Georgia
1973; Inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1999; 2 weeks as #1 on the Billboard Hot 100; included in Rolling Stone magazine's "500 Greatest Songs of All Time"

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